Monday, March 14, 2016

Discovery children's museum!

Chloe on the air blowers.  She had a similar reaction to them as Sophia did at this age.

She likes the balls.

Sophia exploring the "rainforest".  She was a much bigger fan of the rope bridge this year, and ran back and forth over it a few times.


Look!  Fish!!

Playing with the blow-y thingies (you shove an overgrown pompom in there and it goes through the track until it poofs out)

Chloe in the baby area.  She perfected sliding already.

Sophia showing her how its done.'re a bit old for this area now.....

Water play!

More water play!  And an amazingly realistic lobster that freaked Sophia out for a minute.

We still LOVE this museum, and I am really enjoying the fact that Sophia can enjoy some of the older things now, and Chloe is experiencing what Sophia has already done.  Can't wait to visit again!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chloe's growing up!

Sitting and chewing

Ham is a big hit

And Papa is pretty cool.

Especially now that he's not afraid her head will pop off.

Reading with sister

And running her first half marathon ex-utero

Mashed potatoes were better used as face cream than eaten.

Wearing the good team.  :)

Helping mommy rescue the things in the -80C freezer that bit the dust.

Going for a walk

Ringing bells (find the baby!)

Practicing our driving.  She's got waving the hand and hitting the steering wheel down pat.  And reaching for those shiny, jingly things juuuuuuust out of her reach.  Don't forget chewing on the steering wheel!  

Baby containment device.

She sleeps like her sister.

And is just as snuggly.  <3 

Where someone thought I should plan a baby shower

 Sister's having a kid.  And by having, I mean had by this point.  But hadn't at the time of the shower.  So, since sister was having a kid, she needed a shower.  The kind without water.  The kind where you get all kinds of fun things for the impending kid.  Therefore, a shower was had.
We decorated onesies.  Some more appropriately than others.

We had a diaper cake.  Not to look at.

Can you tell what our theme was?  Because every shower needs a theme, so I'm told.



View of the seating area

View of the present area



Mom-to-be spot

Other than raising my blood pressure for a good week, the shower was a bunch of fun.  I will never plan another one....they pay people to do that, but I can check that off my bucket list of "things I should do before I die and never do again."  I think sister and co made off with some pretty nifty things.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sophia's activities

Sophia is finally old enough to be able to do some extracurricular activities, and next summer she will be old enough to do her very own miniature Spartan race!!  I can't wait for that to happen.  :)  Anyway, this fall, she does dance once a week.  It's pretty much organized chaos, and learning how to move in a purposeful manner, but it's also really cute.  Her favorite is twirling around.  And around.  And around.
Taking out the ponytail before twirling

Preparing to twirl.  She has the right shoes, didn't care to have the leotard and tutu.  I think I'm okay with that.

She also does mini-soccer.  Again, organized chaos, but there is a soccer ball involved.  And mini goals.  And mini shin guards.  Because, really, mini shin guards!!

Goalie in training?

Chloe's growing

And I am doing a horrible job at documenting it with photographic evidence.  She's not the only one getting shafted, though.  Sophia's in the same boat.  Chalk it up to not wanting to have my phone always out to take pictures.

She's hung out on my lap

And in her chair.  With my gigantuan crochet hook.  And close supervision.

She's helped me at work.

And done a lot of giggling and smiling.

She's also done 4 or 5 craft shows now, and knows the key to getting through them is naps.  Lots and lots of naps.  :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Adjusting to big sisterhood

People often ask how Sophia is adjusting to being a big sister, and I always say that she's doing awesome (and, honestly, there wasn't much adjusting that needed to be done...yet).  She adores Chloe, always wants to hold her, give her hugs and kisses, and supervise every diaper change.  If Chloe starts crying, Sophia will run for her pacifier and (enthusiastically) put it in her mouth.  Or retrieve a dropped or favorite toy.  Or bounce her chair.  If anything, we have to remind Sophia not to be TOO loving, since her totally adorable three-year-old loving is a bit much for her still very baby sister sometimes.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way.  We'll have to see if this lasts once Chloe becomes more mobile, and less willing to relinquish toys, but for now, I'm in mom heaven.

I wear Chloe, Sophia wears Spiderman.  Who's cooler?

Sophia has also mimicked many of the things I do with Chloe with her animals.  Simba and Nala are in diapers, currently.  And Spiderman frequently sports one.  Her stuffed pig is a frequent tenant of the bouncy chair, and Chloe has to share her play mat with Spiderman.  Sophia has "breastfed" her baby doll and Simba, and even "used" my pump to fill a bottle.  It is not only adorable, but a reminder that little eyes are often watching everything I am doing.

Sophia loves Chloe

And Chloe adores Sophia

I love them both.

And I just can't explain this one.  She's spunky, that's for sure!