Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sophia on the move

With the holidays here, I have had more time to spend at home, and consequently, with Sophia and Jordan.  I still have to go to jail lab, but I can have shorter days, especially since I didn't really take any time off, and my boss is in Timbuktwo.  Or Patagonia.  One or the other.  I did get some "forced" time home with snow.  Okay, who am I kidding.  I could have made it in safely.  I just erred waaaaaaaaaaaaaay on the side of caution.  Who knows what a rouge snowflake on the road can do, ya know?!  So, Sophia and I spent time together.  And, Bonus sister the first is in town, so I have to abuse that privilege and harass see her as much as I can and make a general nuisance of myself while I can.

Helping B with her yarn.  Notice the ignored baby toys....

Yarn works best shaken, not stirred.

Love my bed hog.  She insists on sleeping sideways until I get in bed.  Then she's content to snuggle up the right way.  <3

There still hasn't been much progress made on the "let me feed you non-milk foods" front, so we've decided not to force the matter, and just offer her solids she can feed herself, and a spoon to play with.  If she wants to eat/suck on/slobber all over the offerings, great.  If she'd rather feed the dog, Priss says she doesn't mind. This approach has been going well...she likes to slobber on rolls and enjoys her chips dipped in salsa, please.  She also says she'll pass on the potatoes for now, thank you, but will confiscate that slice of pizza right out of your hand and suck off all the sauce.


My pizza!

We made a trip to food lion in preparation for my parents visit...I wanted to cook a prime rib roast and get the all-knowing-god-of-everything-meat's (dad) opinion on the matter, and got paid the ultimate compliment: asking for how I did it.  Anywho, Sophia is big enough to ride in the cart, which she LOVED.

Hmmm...interesting view from up here...

And, we went to the waterpark with my cousin before heading to bonus family's house for ah-mazing fried chicken cooked by bonus sister the first and her awesome hubby.  Sophia says the lazy river is quite nice, except for the jerkfaces who sprayed her in the face.  She also says her favorite part is the deck behind the flow rider where she can crawl around, pull up on the netting, and climb the steps.  Yup, I said climb the steps.  She did that, and was quite proud.

Hi there!

She also likes crawling down the hall and into the bathroom.  Trying to tell me she wants another bath.  That kid LOVES bath time.  She gets all kinds of excited, and with all the new toys she got for Christmas, it's near impossible to get her out of there.

Bye mom!

Gonna go take a bath now, 'kay?

She's also teething something fierce.  Her two bottom teeth have been firmly established now for a while, but her top two are trying to come in, as are the ones next to her bottom two.  As a result, she's chewing on anything within mouth's reach.


Me?  Chewing on my crib?  Of course not!

Result of chewing...

Craft project for New Year's is making a teething bumper to preserve her crib.  And avoid extra fiber in her diet.  Holiday-specific antics, as well as her desire to have any drink I have, will be upcoming.  Until then, a belated Merry Christmas to everybody!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who says lab rats can't be festive?!

 Lab rats are people, too.  And as such, feel the need to procrastinate kill time not do their work decorate for the holidays.  So, there was decorating going on.

Decorations on the dark other side of the lab
Gingerbread lab people!

Door to the other side.  Must be able to fit under the
snowflake to enter.

Door to the cool my side

I'm the tallest person in lab, so it is my duty to get stuff off high shelves (and brush into the blue snowflake every single time I go across the hall).  I am also evidently the only one who has any sense of "tinkering," so I get to fix a lot of things, too.  Hey, it's job security.

Lab hamster!

Bells, and more gingerbread lab people!
My gingerbread person!  Complete with Sophia.

See?  We're festive.  And, as a side note, how the heck do I type next to my pictures (*ahem* bonus sister the second */ahem*)?

Sophia antics

Sophia has long made it known that she prefers sleeping on her belly.  I still put her down on her back (you're supposed to, risk of SIDS, blah, blah, blah).  Not to mention I feed her right before bed, and ever tried putting a mostly-asleep child down on their belly without waking them?  Yeah, doesn't work.  Anyway, ever since she could roll, she has.  I put her down, and, poof! on her belly fast asleep.  However, she sleeps in some....interesting poses.  Case in point:

Can someone please tell me how this is comfortable?!

Also, she has become increasingly mobile.  As she is currently sick (related, I promise!) with her first ear infection, she is still her very cheerful self, just a bit clingier.  Her nana wanted to hold her Sunday while I ate breakfast (she makes breakfast before church every Sunday...yum!).  Sophia, however, had other ideas.  She decided the fish were not at all entertaining, though she normally loves them, and crawled back over to me.  Through the living room and partly through the kitchen.  She can be slowed down by pants still, as crawling on wood floors with slick knees is still difficult for one without a developed set of core muscles, but she's getting the hang of it.  And, for some reason, loves playing with plastic bags.  The sound, I suppose?  So, don't even think of leaving a plastic bag on the floor of her room...she will become fixated on it and hell-bent on getting to it.  She has also entered a "climbing" phase...she climbs me, tries to climb the dog (dog is less than amused), climbs the tupperware holding her too-small clothes (don't want to talk about it, I'm still grieving).  The slight monkey theme seems to have been the wise choice....

Monday, December 17, 2012

20 ways to kill time

This post is for my bonus sister, who gets to be on bed rest for the next few weeks!  Yay bedrest!
2) Read.  Might I suggest Harry Potter series, Earth's Children series by Jean M. Auel, Raptor Red, Emergence, Scarecrow (or anything else by Matthew Reilly), Alexandria Link (or anything else by Steve Berry), Count of Monte Cristo (don't knock's an awesome classic about getting revenge on people)....and if you need more ideas, lemme know.  Those are some of my favorites.  Stick 'em on your nook/kindle/whatever.
3) Do a sudoku or is a good site for individual sudokus, and they keep your time so you can make it into a competition.  Or, this site has samurai sudoku, which are like regular sudokus, but joined!  Not harder, just longer.
4) Play on pinterest
5) Learn to knit
6) Learn to crochet...I have a bajillion patterns...I'm happy to share!
7) Want to teach baby sign language?  Well, hop to learning some signs!  There are some beautiful ASL videos of pop songs, too
8) Do a crossword or wordfind or other fun puzzle games.
9) Watch a movie, TV....or netflix or hulu
10) Blog stalk (I'm sure you have your favorites).  Here's a good one.  And here.  They're both kid-related, I know.
11) Look thru websites with cute animals or funny fails or the wasting time website
12) Play mindless computer games
13) Look thru instagram and facebook
14) Blog about everything you've been wanting to blog about but haven't had time
15) Read some web comics.  xkcd is a funny one.
16) Play on videos, videos of babies dancing, videos of animals, the list goes on and on and on.  Also, horribly inappropriate disney voice-overs.
17) Play angry birds! There's original, seasons, space and star wars!
18) Drink lots of water, pee, repeat. (hey, it gets you out of bed legally, right?)
19) Look thru ebay.  Laugh at crazy things people are selling.  (um, who buys used granny panties from ebay?!)
20) Make lists and plans.  Just, don't stress over them. Like, lists of who's going to come harass visit you, and when.  The order in which the little one will be wearing his 2067390403469472 outfits.  What meals you will eat when.  What meals you would like brought or made.  You get the idea.

Okay, creative juices are all gone now.  Hopefully this will get you through at least one day.  I need at least that long to think of more ideas.  Until then, here's the required Sophia picture:

I like my walker.  And my thumb.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Sophia has said she wants to be a underwear model.  Specifically, a VS underwear model.

Please mom?

It looks like so much fun.

I must admit, I had some reservations....I feel like 6.5 months may be a bit young to begin such a career.  And, besides, I didn't think that VS had products in xxxxxxs.  But, I promised her I'd do some research.  I do believe I have found the perfect thing for her.
Thongies Diaper Thongs. Sassy!. The softness of a baby’s butt is the stuff of legend. Maybe even myth. So… How could anyone want hide something so smooth and scrumptiously cute!?! Introducing Thongies, the new diaper on the block! They’re sassy and comfy. Diaper rash? Not with this breathability! . Brought to you by the moron's at

Now she doesn't have to worry about vdl (visible diaper line) or that awkward bunching that can happen, and will fit right in as she crawls down that runway (because we all know she's not allowed to walk for another 2.5 months).  It may be a bit difficult for her to crawl in the 46" heels I see the models in, so socks may have to do.  Or, heck, seeing as the models are practically nakie anyway, she can just go in her underwear, right?  Watch out *insert well-known model name here*, Sophia will be the next big thing before you know it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Gee, thanks?

I have gotten quite a few comments/compliments the past few days, some being quite nice, some being....not so nice (though, I'm sure no ill will was intended)  Here's the best of them:

Regarding my haircut:
Love it! or It looks so good on you!
Why, thank you!  I like it this length, or about 8 inches longer.  I can never decide, hence the ADD-ness.

Aw, you look just like a little boy.
....yup, a little boy with boobs.  Rather large boobs.  All the little boys have them, it's the cool thing to do.

You must have cut your hair since you're a mom now.
Yes, that would be the only reason I did.  Certainly not because I get ADD with my hair, and generally cut it all off ever 1.5-2 years.  Sheesh.

Regarding my appearance:
Gee, you wear a lot of UVA stuff
Sure do!  I'm proud to have gone there and they gave me lots of free clothes (Thank you rowing!).  If my current school gave me free clothes, I'd wear a lot of VCU stuff, too.  Why don't you mind your own wardrobe, Ms. My-skirt-looks-like-I-made-it-from-carpet-I-pulled-from-a-dorm-room-floor.

You don't even look like you were pregnant just six months ago!
You're amazing.  Cookies will be on their way.

Where did your butt go?!
Well, it would be somewhere between my knees and waist.  Thank you for pointing that out.  I'm going with it's not as visible due to my pants being 1.5 sizes too big rather than the obvious, it has been squashed from being sat on too much.  Stairs to the 11th floor from now on, check.

I have a butt.  And a baby that's super excited to be pouring plates at 9:30.  And short hair.
 (please forgive the phone-in-the-bathroom-mirror shot)

Also, are all bosses required to be contradictory and favorite-playing?  I swear, I cannot win with mine!  No, I do not want to be in lab 38 hours a day, nor do I see anything wrong with not coming in 1 day out of 7. (Yes, I am in lab the other 6 days)  Additionally, I get here early.  Ergo, I leave early.  So, pthbbbb.

Good morning!

Sophia has discovered the art of pulling herself up on her crib.  Nothing is safe now.  I've dropped her mattress almost as low as it will go (she has one more notch to go).  I think I may start lining her floor with blankets, as an insurance policy against the day she decides to go over the rail.  Seeing as she has wood floors, I'd rather her brains not be splattered across her room.  Too much of a mess to clean.

Good morning!  How nice of you to come get me.

I must say, though, it it pretty cool to be greeted like that when I walk in her room.  Though, that's generally only on weekends.  Weekdays, I'm up before she is, and have to get her up to change her/get her in the carseat.

What you see here is a dismantled snowman stacking toy (and the coolest blocks ever)

A friend got her a car, poofy onesie snowsuit thinger, and the coolest stacker I've ever seen.  It makes a snowman!!  If I was thinking, I would have gotten a picture of it assembled, but I wasn't.  I'll work on that, though.  Anyway, Sophia thinks it's lots of fun to knock him over and wang the base into things (the floor, blocks, my legs, her face...).  She likes it when whacking things together makes a noise.

Slightly better picture

The white parts are the snowman body (and head at the far left).  The red is his scarf, and at the bottom of the picture you can see his hat.  She likes the base, because it comes with a handle!

Bonus grammy got her a Christmas present!

She got a nifty push toy from her bonus grammy (helping her put it together above).  It's one of those where you can sit and play with comes with musical instruments, of course!  And a piano with a partial scale.  Partial scales bother me...I always want to complete it!  Her other piano does an arpeggio, which is better to my brain.  Anyhow, back to the toy space cadet. (Squirrel?!  Where!?)  Sophia loves that there is a little plastic "book" page to turn...and turn...and turn....and turn.  That may be the most entertaining thing to her.  But, she also loves to walk with this thing.  She has figured out the purpose of the handle on the top, and will walk around holding on to it.  However, the wheels are a bit too free-rolling for her, so she needs some help with the breaks.  She's been informed, however, that she is not allowed to walk until she is at least 9 months old, darnit.  So, she can walk with the toy, but better not be getting any bright ideas of doing it herself yet. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gender roles, or lack thereof

1) I am quite thankful that growing up I was allowed to pursue almost all of my interests, regardless of the gender they were typically associated with (I knew my dinosaurs like no other).  I'm also very thankful that I never realized girls aren't supposed to like science or math, or that they were supposed to be bad at them.  I had a wonderful role model in my mom (she's an awesome science teacher), and I give a lot of credit to her for where I am today.  My only gender-related complaint stems from a sliiiiightly restricted sports choice.  I was encouraged to pursue other sports, and did, so, honestly, can't complain too much there.  I guess just general annoyance at the fact that society (and hence my parents) has decided that girls can't play football.

2) However, not so thankful about these guys: commercials, and corporations.  Look down any toy section, and you'll pick out the "girl" one in 0.01 seconds: it's the one covered in barbie barf.  What if a boy wanted an easy bake? Like here.  And, good for Bobby Flay for helping them out.  I hate that either gender would be left out just because of the color of the toy, or what society thinks they'd like.

That's all.  I also think, though, that kids should play outside.  With dirt and sticks.  But, that's for another post.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Photoshoot pictures!

All pictures are credited to Jordan, the wonderful photographer of the family, and his editing skills.
 Happy baby


Want. That. Leaf.


Standing up.

Intensely concentrating on that leaf.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Why are girls limited to pink?

One of my biggest pet peeves when I was pregnant (and still continuing now) is how people automatically assume that little girls can only wear pink, frilly, or ruffles and little boys wear blue or denim.  Let it be known I have nothing against pink; I wear pink shirts.  But I also wear blue, green, orange, white, striped, polka-dotted, and multi-colored shirts.  Why should Sophia have to be restricted to pink and frilly?  Frills are decidedly difficult to get stuff done in, as are heels and other "girl" shoes.  I didn't want her only exposure to be pink, princesses, unicorns, and barbie barf.  Why can't society accept that maybe girls like tools, and not only the pink ones?  Or, that they like trucks and cars?  Or, that boys may want to play with dolls or have an oven?  I hate how gender-polarized kid toys are: if it's a "boy" toy, it's primary colors, "girl" toys are pink and only pink.  Since when did pink symbolize only girl?  And when did it become taboo for boys?  Why must toys come in girl versions and boy versions?
Seriously? Why did these need to be made pink?  Would girls not use them if they weren't?

I think that Jordan and I do a pretty good job of breaking the typical gender roles.  For example, Jordan had  (he wore it to death so it got retired) a pink shirt that looked darn good on him.  I have a growing collection of power tools, and would like to think I'm semi talented with them.  Jordan makes a mean creme bruele, and other desserts.  I like grilling. etc, etc.  But, we also have interests that fall within roles defined by society as "girl" or "boy": I like crafts, he likes video games.  We like what we like because we like them, not because society told us that we were supposed to like them.  My question is why must video games be reserved for boys only and crafts seen as a girl thing?  It's funny to me that one of the insults given to girls who play video games is to go make the male gamers a sandwich (or, sammich).  Implying, of course, that the woman's place is in the kitchen.  If that's the case, then how come a large majority of top chefs are male?

Growing up, I didn't fit the "normal" definition of what it meant to be a girl: I liked sports, couldn't tell you how to apply makeup, and lived in comfortable clothes rather than what the latest fad was.  I still remember wanting to play certain sports and being told I couldn't, because they were "boys" sports.  And, unspoken but still coming thru loud and clear, that since I was a girl, I couldn't do that.  Football was one of those sports I would have loved to been able to play, but couldn't, since society didn't think it was proper.    I refer you to this video and dare you to tell me that she can't play because she's a girl.  I say she's a damn good player, and hope she sticks with it, if that's what she wants to do.  I am thankful for Mia Hamm and the women's soccer team for making soccer so mainstream, as I love to play.

I think the princess hype that little girls are surrounded with leads to an increased incidence of what I call "helpless female syndrome."  I hate this syndrome with a burning passion.  I realize that girls are different, some falling more into society's defined role for them and some less.  However, when a girl waits for a man to do something for her, it drives me nuts.  I mean, really?  You can't do/lift/carry/whatever that task because you "need" a man to do it for you?  Why can't you do it yourself?  And, why must your help be male?  When I know a woman to be perfectly capable of doing a task, that's when it really drives me up the wall.  I know a few prime examples of people with this syndrome, and seeing them pass it on just makes me sad.  Sophia may not like the same things I do, and that's fine...she is her own person after all.  But, if she is physically capable of doing something, you best believe she will be expected to do it.  Which is why her life skill set will include how to change a tire, use basic hand tools, cook, and jump a car battery.  Other skills will come if she shows interest. But I think these are things that everybody, regardless of gender, should know how to do.

It's my hope that Sophia grows up liking whatever she wants, and is comfortable in her choices.  I sure intend on giving her that chance and supporting her 110% in whatever she chooses to do.  She will not be surrounded by barbie barf, princesses, and ponies as her only toy choices.  She will have dolls, but also blocks and trucks.  She will have pink clothes and blue ones.  Ruffles and denim.  She will have the opportunity to decide what color she likes best.  I expect it will change many times.  If she decides she likes pink, that's fine.  But I want it to be her choice.  Not one forced upon her.  If she wants to play in the peewee football league, that's fine.  If ballet is her thing, great.  If she wants to be darth vader in a tutu for Halloween, so be it. (I may laugh inside at that one, and promise to get pictures if it ever happens)  I want her to be comfortable in her choices, and know that nothing is excluded her just due to her gender (only exception being peeing standing up....too messy).  I applaud this blog for their efforts in promoting the tearing down of gender bias and stereotypes for both genders, and suggest that you check her out.

I think I'm done ranting, now.  For a little while, at least.  I'm just tired of being a square peg being shoved in a round hole, and hope to help my daughter avoid that.

Sophia has periodic table blocks.  And says they're pretty cool.

CDO, much?

For those of you wondering, CDO is OCD, with the letters in alphabetical order, as they should be.  :-)  Anyway, I don't consider myself to be terribly OCD, except with a few things (easiest way to piss me off is to crinkle my papers.  They need to be unrumpled, unfolded, and NOT crumpled!)  I also like my things to be where I expect them to be.  I may not be the most organized person in the world (pinterest tells me that daily), but I know where my stuff is.  One thing in lab that I'm extradordinarily OCD about, I have found, is cutting in straight, non-ragged lines.  We have parafilm (coolest stuff ever!), and it gets cut to the size you need.  Well, someone doesn't know how to cut straight.  Nor do they know how to cut non-agged lines.  And, evidently, they are not aware that they are not the only ones using this particular roll of parafilm.  Otherwise why the heck would they do this:


Ugh.  As a side note, another thong pinterest tells me is that my project list is clearly too short, as it has about a bazillion things I want to add to my to-do or to-make lists.  If only my day had 48 hours in it, rather then the standard 24.  Do you think I could get an upgrade?  le sigh.

Moving on, here is the daily (daily? blog-ly?  I don't blog daily,
but most posts have a picture, so I feel I'm justified in making up a word for it) Sophia picture.  Photoshoot pictures are coming soon, promise.

Still shot, so you can read the shirt

And, happy action shot.

(blogger, you suck on non-computer devices!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Two truths:
1. I am thankful to be able to breastfeed Sophia.
2.  I'm crazy enough to be in school.
Therefore, I pump so Sophia can, you know, eat while I'm not there.  I gladly do it, and it's the one thing that nothing gets priority over.  Lunch?  A luxury.   Potty break?  Sometimes.   Social interaction?   Overrated.  Making sure Sophia has her meals for the next day?  The building would have to be on fire to prevent it.  I'm also grateful my building had a special room for moms to pump in that's not an icky bathroom.   However, darnit if I don't feel like a cow. 
If you see me mooing and eating grass, someone please return me to my barn lab.


In other news, Sophia's crib is now two clicks lower.  Little stinker was trying to escape.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

More skills upgrades

So, I'm a bit jumpy in the brain...oh, look!  Squirrel!  I jump topics a lot, as some of my friends can attest, which can make carrying on a conversation difficult at times.  This post is also a bit jumpy, so I apologize.

Topic numero uno:
Sophia can not only crawl, but she can pull herself standing on anything that's still enough for long enough.  And sometimes on moving things.  Example: crawling to her walker and using it to pull herself up.  I am so not ready to have a fully mobile little one running around.  That means I have to clean my house!  Or at least accessible areas.  So not cool.  Though, I am considering convincing her that sweeping is fun, and putting her to work.  You can see her crawling skills here, where she's chasing after her favorite giraffe in her crib in a ridiculously cute outfit courtesy of her bonus family.
See?  Isn't it awesome?!

This is courtesy of her great aunt.  It can be oh-so true sometimes.

Pulled herself up on the ottoman thinger to chase after some interesting looking junk mail.

Didja catch the theme in the pictures?  Yeah.  That's how she likes to spend her time lately.  Standing.  She's only six months for crying out loud (her photo shoot pictures will be up in a later post!).  However, she has been told that she is not to walk before she's at least 9 months old.  I won't stand for it.  

Topic the second:
She's getting better at eating solid foods!  I think she had five whole spoonfulls of sweet potatoes the other night.  I'm so proud.

Third topic:
So many projects, so little time!  I have so many projects I want to make that I don't know where to start.  Hats for Sophia, hats for friends, other projects for friends, a project that recycles plastic bags (if it works, I'll put up a how-to-do-it for those interested), and so many things to build at home (DIY posts pending there, too).  One day, I'll have time enough to indulge in all my project tendencies.  For now, I'll have to settle for getting in as much as I can when I can.

4th topic:
I saw road sticky notes for the second time ever!!!!  These are the coolest things ever! (I'm easily amused, don't judge)  The first time I saw them was on our honeymoon, in NH.

 Sticky notes! In the road!

Investigating the sticky notes.  They are in fact a semi-flexible rubber material.

And, here they are at home!  The excitement!

Last topic:
I got a new power tool!  And, it was super on sale, so I got lots of stuff on the cheap (router, router table, 15 bits and two books for less than the non-sale price of the router).  It's a router (no, not for internet access), and it has both a fixed base and a plunge base, so it should be able to do everything I want it to do.  I love a good deal, and I love free shipping even more, because I can shop in my jammies, and stuff magically shows up at my door a few days later.  No driving, no getting funny looks in the hardware store (girls can play with tools, too, thank you very much), and no having to waste precious home time shopping.  The only bad thing is I have to be patient.  Grrrr.

Now, off to get some papers read....oh, look!  Shiny!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every day I'm....traveling?

Sophia logs a lot of miles in her car seat (and I, unfortunately, log a lot of miles in the driver's seat).  But, thankfully!, she is an amazing traveler.  And, I'm able to time traveling to correspond with the I'm-not-really-awake-for-the-day-yet time and the long-afternoon-nap time.  When we went on our longest road trip to visit my big rower (she's awesome, but lives too far away for my liking), we drove overnight to hit the I'm-going-to-sleep-the-whole-time bit.  Because I have found that while she's awesome in the car, and will even drink from a bottle so as to avoid having to stop (why, no, I do not feed her while driving....), once you take her out of her car seat, she expects at least an hour of snuggle- and wiggle-time.  If she doesn't get that, all hell breaks loose.  It's a bit different for short trips: errands and such.  She's not in jail confined for as long.  I'm just thankful for her travelability, 'specially since we travel upwards of 1000 miles a week.  Bah.

Normal travel status: zonked out

Cold apples feel good on teething gums!

Me and my big rower.  I'm totally standing on my tippy-toes, I'm not really that tall.  And, Sophia loves being snuggled up to H.