Wednesday, October 31, 2012


...or, where I shamelessly embarrass my offspring.  J was asking if we could get one of the "anti-roll-off-the-changing-table" thingers, thinking it would prevent Sophia from rolling over when we're trying to put a diaper on her, or, even worse, clothes.  She has a preference for her birthday suit, and would rather not have it hidden.  However, it is cold, so clothes it is.  That, and I clean pee off the floor from my four legged kiddos, and I'd rather not add a two legged kiddo to the mix.  Yet. So, without further ado, a time-lapse rolling (all of, oh, 5 seconds).  Doesn't she have the cutest little butt?  I sure think so.

 Going for it....
 And we're over!
Whacha doin' over there?

She looooooves to roll onto her belly.  Which is funny, considering not so long ago you'd think the world was ending if you put her on her belly.  Her other favorite trick is to scoot.  Backwards.  She hasn't quite gotten the grasp of going forward, but I get the feeling it's coming.

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