Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every day I'm....traveling?

Sophia logs a lot of miles in her car seat (and I, unfortunately, log a lot of miles in the driver's seat).  But, thankfully!, she is an amazing traveler.  And, I'm able to time traveling to correspond with the I'm-not-really-awake-for-the-day-yet time and the long-afternoon-nap time.  When we went on our longest road trip to visit my big rower (she's awesome, but lives too far away for my liking), we drove overnight to hit the I'm-going-to-sleep-the-whole-time bit.  Because I have found that while she's awesome in the car, and will even drink from a bottle so as to avoid having to stop (why, no, I do not feed her while driving....), once you take her out of her car seat, she expects at least an hour of snuggle- and wiggle-time.  If she doesn't get that, all hell breaks loose.  It's a bit different for short trips: errands and such.  She's not in jail confined for as long.  I'm just thankful for her travelability, 'specially since we travel upwards of 1000 miles a week.  Bah.

Normal travel status: zonked out

Cold apples feel good on teething gums!

Me and my big rower.  I'm totally standing on my tippy-toes, I'm not really that tall.  And, Sophia loves being snuggled up to H.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A photo Thanksgiving, part the second

The last of the pictures, then I promise I'll stop talking about it (but it was so much fun!  And so yummy!)  These pictures come to you courtesy of Melinda and mom (aka, Meme)
Why, hello there!  No, I am not going for the dog's food....

Dad loves putting the lights on the tree!

Hmmm....lemme see those teeth.  Or remove your lip.  Or both.

Big spoon!  omnomnom

Adorable outfit courtesy Melinda.  The hoodie not only has functional pockets, but the hood has little ears!!

Snuggles with Melinda.  Added bonus: they match.

That's all, folks!  If you thought this was bad, just wait until Christmas....bwahahaha.  :o)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Skill upgrade

And, we have a crawler.  A forward crawler.  I guess that means I have to start cleaning my floors now....

A photo Thanksgiving, part the first

Jordan is an awesome photographer.  And he took lots of awesome pictures while we were visiting.
There were lots of people at the 5k!

This was the first place dude.  I didn't want to show him up or anything, so I ran my mile in his 5k time....

Where's Mom/Me/Sophia?  /notice our rocking time (hey, I'm just proud I ran the whole time!)

Sophia was at the head of the table, of course

She's excited

Sweet potatoes!

"I have asked you to join me here today...."

Yes, this will do quite nicely, thank you

Feeding herself 

Sophia, that's a spoon, not a microphone...

Oh yeah!  We did arts-and-crafts!  I forgot to mention this.  Sophia is required to like arts and crafts if she wants to stay in the family (okay, okay...if she hates them, I suppose she can still stay).  We made abstract turkeys using her foot as the body and she got to abstract in the feathers.

Arts-and-crafts requires getting nakie, evidently

Painting her foot
Making the body!

See?  there's the body of the turkey (heel = head) and Sophia is abstracting the feathers

She's also abstracting the table

Arts-and-crafts are fun! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012


This week we went to see my parents (down in Raleigh) for Thanksgiving and eat some seriously yummy food courtesy of dad the bbq extraordinaire.  Seriously...he grilled two turkeys and a ham on Thanksgiving, and then cooked two briskets on Friday.  I think I got my protein quota for a month in two days.  And, to top it off, my sister and I got to take home all the leftover brisket!  Yum!  I think he "only" had them on the grill for 8 hours this time?  I dunno.  I do know that one day I will learn how to grill like him.  I also know that the day I do is the day I will need to start working out three hours a day to burn off everything I will be eating.  Sophia even joined us for dinner!  As soon as my mom emails me the pictures (hint, hint!), I will get them up here.  I have some, but mom and sis have more.  For dinner, Sophia got to move away from the dreaded applesauce and sample some sweet potatoes.  Seeing as she didn't freak out, gag, scrape them off her tounge, etc, I'll say they were a success.  She did, however, get them in her hair, nose, belly button, table cloth, and about everywhere else.  This child is verrrrry independent (don't know where she gets that from!), and says she will be controlling the spoon, thank you very much!

 Now, this is a spoon! to get it to my mouth....

   Almost have it!

Okay, so she didn't use that spoon for her meal.  That was just an entertainment device.  But, you can see her spiffy seat at the head of the table.  You may also notice her onesie says "Cowboys."  She is intelligent enough to root for the right team, even if they play like poo.
Go Cowboys!

She even had a helmet to go with the ensemble.  That was hat number two of the day.  The girls (minus the sleepy sister) ran a 5k that morning in order to have extra extra helpings at dinner.  And, Jordan was awesome and came with to take pictures.

All bundled up and ready to run!

And, the hat.

Can ya tell which one was taken with a real camera and which was taken with my phone camera?  Yeah.  Me too.  Jordan does amazing work, but I figure a not-so-awesome picture is better than no picture.  Right? I was proud I could run the whole time pushing Sophia, and equally proud that Sophia was her usual high-stress self and slept half the time.  All the girls plus Jordan sorta went black Friday shopping.  We left at 11am on Friday so it wouldn't be quite the crazy madhouse it was earlier that day (side note:  it's black FRIDAY...sales should not be starting on Thanksgiving.  Sheesh).  We scored some pretty sweet deals for Sophia (that girl needs more clothes like she needs a hole in her head).  I promise, they were really super good deals, cute clothes, and some staples (who can say no to miniature boot cut jeans with a zipper!?).   Mom (or, rather, MeMe) got Sophia a walker thingie.  She LOVES it already, though she can barely touch the floor with her tippy toes.  And hasn't quite yet figured out that when it moves, it's her moving it, not someone else.  But, the tray toys are pretty awesome, so she's happy.  PSA:  Walker thingies are meant to be used with supervision.  They are not babysitters.  Do not use on stairs.  Be a smart parent.  Thanks.
Hanging out with Aunt Melinda, listening to some tunes on the computer.

Mom, dad, Jordan and I also got to continue a tradition of playing spades and cutting up.  It's also a tradition that the girls trounce beat the boys, which was also upheld.  The funniest moment was when mom and I cross-trumped the boys.  That, or when the boys went set on a 5 bid (3-2).  Both were pretty hilarious.
Anyway, we have Thanksgiving, part two tomorrow with Jordan's family, then it's back to real life until Christmas!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Applesauce, part 2

As promised, here is the video of trial #1 of applesauce.  If you notice, it's uncut for the first try.  We tried applesauce plus milk, which was no better.  However, what we've found is a spoon barely dipped in applesauce, and then handed to her is semi better.  She'll make faces, but will ingest some.  The faces are funny.  She does like her high chair, and the high chair at my aunts.
Spoon plus applesauce, given by me
She likes her spoon

We've been trying a few times, but when she says she's had enough of the applesauce-flavored spoon, we let her play with it un-flavored so she (hopefully) won't develop a hatred for the spoon.  We'll be trying mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, so at that point we can see if there is a preference, or if she just pretty much universally hates the texture of mushy food.  I think we'll stick with letting her control the spoon, though.  Gives it the greatest chance of success.

 Yummy spoon!

 You flavored this with what?

I don't want my applesauce, but that hamburger looks yummy!

Now that torture has passed (don't wanna talk about it, let's just say I'll be retesting in January...ugh), I have been catching up on all my arts-and-crafts I've been wanting to make.  I made my niece a headband.  It was supposed to be a birthday present, but my stupid test got in the way of that.  I've also gotten caught up on my "to-make" hats list.  I've got a few more I've got my eye on yet, but they'll come in time.  I think the owl hat may be my favorite yet.  But, stay tuned for pictures of two (I hope) that I'll have for Thanksgiving.  They're up there on the favorites list.

You have my toy.  I want it.

Better view of the hat.

'==ppg m    /74 ['
j jmh
Sophia would like to say hi to her fans.

Just ask bonus sister the elder: Sophia is enthralled by my keyboard.  And, unfortunately knows how to pull off my keys.  Ugh.  Anyhow, when we have skype dates and Sophia is on my lap, she is constantly going for the keyboard.  And sending some interesting things to bonus sister.  :o)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Warning: Stepping on my soapbox

Okay, getting the soap-boxing out of the way first, then on to Sophia's first encounter with anything other than milk.  On that topic, though:  Breasts are biologically present as a form of nutrition delivery in mammals, not as sex objects.  Now that that's off my chest (no pun intended), should you happen to see a mom breast feeding in public, as she has a LEGAL RIGHT to do, kindly do not act shocked and like you have no idea that breasts have an actual purpose.  Case in point:  eating dinner last night, Sophia said she would like her dinner, too.  Which is fine by me.  I prefer to use a cover (while breast feeding may not scar anybody, the sight of my casper belly probably not fair that Sophia has more color at 5 months than I do!!), so I got it out and she began supper.  When our waiter came, you'd have thought I was doing a strip tease on the table by how uncomfortable he was.  That, and he didn't come back until she was done.  Honestly dude?  You'd have seen more skin watching the VS long johns fashion show than you did with me!  I refer you here for how I felt.  And, I'm not going to ask my daughter to eat anywhere I wouldn't (the bathroom comes to mind here....EW!), so darnit, get over yourself.   I cannot say how appreciative I am of people who pay no mind to the fact that Sophia's eating...don't stare, don't avoid, don't act crazy awkward, they just continue interacting with me in a normal manner.  Seems that's too much to ask sometimes.  Do a nursing mom a favor:  if you happen to see one in public, look her in the eyes and smile.  She's giving her baby the best nutrition possible.  And, off my soap box now.  *steps down*

In other news, Sophia had her first taste of applesauce today!  She said she did not much care for this weird substance I had mixed in with her perfectly good milk.  She also said that she would be controlling the spoon, thank you very much.  So, I got sneaky.  I got a tiny little bit of the applesauce-flavored milk on the tip of the spoon and then gave it to her.  She was fine with that.  So, we'll see if any progress is to be made on that front.
All ready for my first "real" food!

Video links will follow (as soon as I get them uploaded from my phone).  Little on is also snotty and cough-y, so she's a bit clingy, but is still holding the record of being the happiest sick baby I've seen.  The only changes are she prefers to be held a bit more, and (probably 'cause she's stuffy), likes to sit up more than lay down.  Which brings me to milestone #2!  We had a successful belly-to-sitting-up transition all by ourselves today!  There was also (limited) scoot and play time while I put away some clothes from my awesome bonus family (hand-me-downs are the best!).
'kay mom, I'm going to use this to build.....something.

Measure twice, cut once

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tillie is hilarious

Watch "Laughing at puppy" on YouTube

Sophia finds that her bonus canine sister is quite amusing.  Evidently, so are dog bark sounds from people.  :o). The quality of the video is bad, but the sound is the best part.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

T-minus 2 days....

....until I have three hours of torture.  Ugh.  All I've been doing is reading papers, polishing my slides, reading papers, reading papers, and, oh yeah, reading papers.  I've gotten to hang with Sophia while reading some.
See, the problem with this paper is that is has no slobber.  Let me fix that for you.

But, I'm still having to read the darn things.  I took a break and had dinner with Jordan at A&Ts.  If you've never been, you have to go!!!  Its the yummiest chicken on the planet.  And, they have yuccas!
Fun from today, then its back to the papers for me:

I got this, you get the pedals.

You wanna go there?

Saturday, November 10, 2012


So, I got to make some super cute things for my bonus nephew.  I love to's quite the relaxing activity.  And, I love making things for other people, so this was a win-win.  I'm pretty proud of the loafers, if I do say so myself (made up the pattern!).  And I suppose the hats are cool, too.  I just hope he's not like Sophia...she has a fat head big brains.  Not that I hope he doesn't have big brains.  But, I hope they're contained in a slightly more "normal" sized case.
Newsboy hat and loafers.  I think they'll end up about 3-6 month sized.

If only Sophia's feet would match the rest of her!  She's still too little for her 3-6 month shoes that I'm dying to put her in!  I looooooooove  baby shoes.  They are so cute and adorable and, and, and....totally pointless, I know.  But the cuteness! (Don't judge me...just because I'm content to wear tennis shoes 24/7 does not mean that I have to be content to put her in boring footwear!  Plus, she can't have bows or hats at daycare, so feet are all I have left)

Beanie-type hats.  More than likely 0-3 month sized.

I couldn't decide which I liked better.  So I made both.  I like that color combination (totally not my idea, I give all credit to bonus sister).  Speaking of color combinations, I have already decided that if/when Sophia shows any interest in makeup, matching clothes, or hair-dos other than ponytails, she's going to have to go to aunt bootcamp.  One, two, or, heck, all aunts and bonus aunts may be called into service.  Because everybody know's I'm hopeless in that field.

A day in the life...

Hardest part of my day (other than getting out of bed at the ass-crack of dawn):
Seeing this in my rear-rear-view mirror
Seriously, the mirror that attaches on the "big people" rear seat so you can see in your rear-facing carseat from your rear-view mirror is genius!!  I love it.  It lets me multitask drive safely and see what she's up to at the same time.  Her tricked-out carseat is pretty awesome, too.  It's one of those convertible ones that she can use until she's old enough to drive herself around.  Seriously.  It goes from infant, to less-infant, to front-facing, to seat-belt-positioning-booster-seat.  It even has armrests and a cup holder.  A cup holder, people!  And, it's side-crash rated, which makes me happy.  Only downside is that you can't take it out easily.  But, seeing as I baby-wear (more on that later, I suppose), no biggie there.  Baby-wearing is the best.  It keeps nosy people out of her bubble.  Anyway, moving on.

Best part of my day:
Seeing this in my rear-rear-view mirror!

I love her daycare, it just sucks having to drop her off every day.  I wish I could be a part-time stay-at-home mommy.  (Why part-time? Because, let's face it, me + full-time stay at home'd be peeling me off the ceiling)  Every afternoon when I go to pick her up, she greets me with a big smile and as close to a hug as she's capable of now.  And I squeeze her right back.  Then, it's to the car for her long nap as we head home to dad.  I always feel bad if I'm running late, or on my early days, 'cause it goofs up her nap a bit.  And this daylight savings nonsense isn't helping one little bit.  But, she's awesome, and naps like a champ.  Then we get wiggle time at home, a bath if it's bath night, then jammies and bed.  One day we'll all be on the same side of the mountain for an appreciable amount of time.  In the meantime, we do this at night:
Baby mohawk!!
And, I'm going to need someone to explain to me how on earth this is a comfortable sleeping position (though she does get points for camouflage):

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election is OVER

Thank you Jeebus the election is finally over!  No more political ads.  But, there will be hate-filled facebook posts for the next while yet.  le sigh.  Sophia and I voted, and, thanks to her and the nice man in front of me, I got to cut in line.  :o)  She was blissfully slobbering on my electronic voting ticket pass thingie in her sling (love it!), but the guy said I could cut since "he knew how it was with little ones."  Who am I to argue with such logic?
Voting is exhausting!  What her carseat straps are obscuring is the "I voted" sticker.

On the home front, there is still scooting in reverse, and the cats are finally getting brave enough to approach this intruder new human that invaded is sharing their home. (didja catch that?  Their home.  Yup.  Us humans exist only to pay rent and administer yummies.  And the occasional rub.  And body heat at bedtime.)  Priss, on the other hand, has been Sophia's self-appointed guard dog from day 1.  It's quite cute, actually.
The small human may stay.  For now.  Until she can chase me.  Then she goes.
I love my mini-human.

This is a valuable insight into the psyche of cats and dogs, I believe.  Cats believe they are a god and humans exist to worship them, and dogs think humans are a god.  Most of the time, any way.  Our cats are super loveable and cuddly, though, so they can get away with thinking they're a god.  The only problem is that we have 5 cats.  Each of which thinks he/she is a god.  So, we have clashes of the gods occasionally.     

 This was the result of a recent scooting foray.  
Don't worry mom....I'll drive.
Keys are wonderful entertainment devices.  As are soda bottles.  Or cups filled with a cold substance.  She looooooves slobbering on those (right, Heather?).  In other news, I think I found my new favorite yarn.  The colors are just amazing on it.  So amazing I may have to actually make myself something with it.  (yeah, right. Let's be honest...I'll make myself something when pigs fly)
See??  Isn't it pretty?  
Sophia needed some new hats since my big headed brained child didn't fit any of the "normal" sized ones for her age I made.  (17 friggin' inches!!  Are you kidding me?)  And baby hats are super quick to make, and are perfect procrastination tools.