Friday, November 2, 2012

5 months already!?

Holy smokes, I have a 5 month old.  It seems like she has always been part of our family, and it's difficult to remember what it was like before she was here.  Except at 6am on Saturday morning when I'd really like to be sleeping in a bit.  That is, until I bring her to bed with me, she eats and talks (sometimes simultaneously), and then we get bonus snuggle time.  I don't mind that at all!

Mommy has a built-in toy attached to her.

It's the best thing EVER 

It's her ID badge for school.  omnomnomnom

Speaking of school, I have my oral exams in less than two weeks.  I am less than looking forward to these.  For those of you unfamiliar with this torture practice, it's when you present a research proposal you could use to submit for a grant to your committee.  Then they ask you whatever questions they want.  Until you are huddled up on the floor in the fetal position.  For three hours.  Or until you show that you know your shit.  Or, until they are convinced that you are so stupid you won't get anywhere in life, and they let the misery end early and fail you.  My committee is a bit terrifying....2.5 of the members are scary.  The other 2.5 aren't.  So, let the studying and reading and studying and reading begin.  Oh, did I mention that one of the members is listed as an author in about 75% of the sources I'm citing?  No?  Well, he is.  Which means I need to doubly know my shit.

In any case, here are the best 5-month portraits I could manage.  At least she's only half nakie this time?
Feet are almost as delicious as mom's badge.  Almost.  Feet do come with toes, though....

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