Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A photo Thanksgiving, part the first

Jordan is an awesome photographer.  And he took lots of awesome pictures while we were visiting.
There were lots of people at the 5k!

This was the first place dude.  I didn't want to show him up or anything, so I ran my mile in his 5k time....

Where's Mom/Me/Sophia?  /notice our rocking time (hey, I'm just proud I ran the whole time!)

Sophia was at the head of the table, of course

She's excited

Sweet potatoes!

"I have asked you to join me here today...."

Yes, this will do quite nicely, thank you

Feeding herself 

Sophia, that's a spoon, not a microphone...

Oh yeah!  We did arts-and-crafts!  I forgot to mention this.  Sophia is required to like arts and crafts if she wants to stay in the family (okay, okay...if she hates them, I suppose she can still stay).  We made abstract turkeys using her foot as the body and she got to abstract in the feathers.

Arts-and-crafts requires getting nakie, evidently

Painting her foot
Making the body!

See?  there's the body of the turkey (heel = head) and Sophia is abstracting the feathers

She's also abstracting the table

Arts-and-crafts are fun! 


  1. I LOVE abstracted tables! :) And sweet Fia too!

    1. Lucky for mom, it was water-based paint (figured that was baby-safe, too), so the table cleaned up with a wet towel. Sophia's services are available, though, if you decide you need an abstracted table. Or, you can wait for yours to abstract it for you.