Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A photo Thanksgiving, part the second

The last of the pictures, then I promise I'll stop talking about it (but it was so much fun!  And so yummy!)  These pictures come to you courtesy of Melinda and mom (aka, Meme)
Why, hello there!  No, I am not going for the dog's food....

Dad loves putting the lights on the tree!

Hmmm....lemme see those teeth.  Or remove your lip.  Or both.

Big spoon!  omnomnom

Adorable outfit courtesy Melinda.  The hoodie not only has functional pockets, but the hood has little ears!!

Snuggles with Melinda.  Added bonus: they match.

That's all, folks!  If you thought this was bad, just wait until Christmas....bwahahaha.  :o)

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