Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election is OVER

Thank you Jeebus the election is finally over!  No more political ads.  But, there will be hate-filled facebook posts for the next while yet.  le sigh.  Sophia and I voted, and, thanks to her and the nice man in front of me, I got to cut in line.  :o)  She was blissfully slobbering on my electronic voting ticket pass thingie in her sling (love it!), but the guy said I could cut since "he knew how it was with little ones."  Who am I to argue with such logic?
Voting is exhausting!  What her carseat straps are obscuring is the "I voted" sticker.

On the home front, there is still scooting in reverse, and the cats are finally getting brave enough to approach this intruder new human that invaded is sharing their home. (didja catch that?  Their home.  Yup.  Us humans exist only to pay rent and administer yummies.  And the occasional rub.  And body heat at bedtime.)  Priss, on the other hand, has been Sophia's self-appointed guard dog from day 1.  It's quite cute, actually.
The small human may stay.  For now.  Until she can chase me.  Then she goes.
I love my mini-human.

This is a valuable insight into the psyche of cats and dogs, I believe.  Cats believe they are a god and humans exist to worship them, and dogs think humans are a god.  Most of the time, any way.  Our cats are super loveable and cuddly, though, so they can get away with thinking they're a god.  The only problem is that we have 5 cats.  Each of which thinks he/she is a god.  So, we have clashes of the gods occasionally.     

 This was the result of a recent scooting foray.  
Don't worry mom....I'll drive.
Keys are wonderful entertainment devices.  As are soda bottles.  Or cups filled with a cold substance.  She looooooves slobbering on those (right, Heather?).  In other news, I think I found my new favorite yarn.  The colors are just amazing on it.  So amazing I may have to actually make myself something with it.  (yeah, right. Let's be honest...I'll make myself something when pigs fly)
See??  Isn't it pretty?  
Sophia needed some new hats since my big headed brained child didn't fit any of the "normal" sized ones for her age I made.  (17 friggin' inches!!  Are you kidding me?)  And baby hats are super quick to make, and are perfect procrastination tools.

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