Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every day I'm....traveling?

Sophia logs a lot of miles in her car seat (and I, unfortunately, log a lot of miles in the driver's seat).  But, thankfully!, she is an amazing traveler.  And, I'm able to time traveling to correspond with the I'm-not-really-awake-for-the-day-yet time and the long-afternoon-nap time.  When we went on our longest road trip to visit my big rower (she's awesome, but lives too far away for my liking), we drove overnight to hit the I'm-going-to-sleep-the-whole-time bit.  Because I have found that while she's awesome in the car, and will even drink from a bottle so as to avoid having to stop (why, no, I do not feed her while driving....), once you take her out of her car seat, she expects at least an hour of snuggle- and wiggle-time.  If she doesn't get that, all hell breaks loose.  It's a bit different for short trips: errands and such.  She's not in jail confined for as long.  I'm just thankful for her travelability, 'specially since we travel upwards of 1000 miles a week.  Bah.

Normal travel status: zonked out

Cold apples feel good on teething gums!

Me and my big rower.  I'm totally standing on my tippy-toes, I'm not really that tall.  And, Sophia loves being snuggled up to H.

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