Saturday, November 10, 2012


So, I got to make some super cute things for my bonus nephew.  I love to's quite the relaxing activity.  And, I love making things for other people, so this was a win-win.  I'm pretty proud of the loafers, if I do say so myself (made up the pattern!).  And I suppose the hats are cool, too.  I just hope he's not like Sophia...she has a fat head big brains.  Not that I hope he doesn't have big brains.  But, I hope they're contained in a slightly more "normal" sized case.
Newsboy hat and loafers.  I think they'll end up about 3-6 month sized.

If only Sophia's feet would match the rest of her!  She's still too little for her 3-6 month shoes that I'm dying to put her in!  I looooooooove  baby shoes.  They are so cute and adorable and, and, and....totally pointless, I know.  But the cuteness! (Don't judge me...just because I'm content to wear tennis shoes 24/7 does not mean that I have to be content to put her in boring footwear!  Plus, she can't have bows or hats at daycare, so feet are all I have left)

Beanie-type hats.  More than likely 0-3 month sized.

I couldn't decide which I liked better.  So I made both.  I like that color combination (totally not my idea, I give all credit to bonus sister).  Speaking of color combinations, I have already decided that if/when Sophia shows any interest in makeup, matching clothes, or hair-dos other than ponytails, she's going to have to go to aunt bootcamp.  One, two, or, heck, all aunts and bonus aunts may be called into service.  Because everybody know's I'm hopeless in that field.

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  1. J and I LOOOOOVVVEEE all the goodies you made for bebe Hudson...and I'm not sure I could chose a favorite even if you forced me to. I hope he has big brains in a normal case too :)

    And as for know I'm ready for that!!!