Sunday, November 4, 2012


Sophia has always been a wonderful sleeper (I say this, and she's going to turn into the worst sleeper ever, just watch).  However, God help you if you dared try to put her in a swaddle.  She DID.NOT. like that one teensy little bit.  She has baby Houdini skills, and would wiggle right out of one and fall asleep spread eagle.  You could almost hear the sigh: "ahhhh....freedom...zzzz"  Daycare even said they tried.  I laughed, and asked how that went.  And they said she fussed until she was out and fell asleep.  That sounds about right.  But now that she has full mastery points in rolling over, sleeping on her back is right out!  No way!  She is not happy until she's on her belly, or side at least.  I don't know where she gets that from.....
 Use your mental rotation skills on this one.  But, observe, spread-eagle-ness.
And here (no mental rotation necessary, only if you want more practice).  Notice the side-laying/mostly belly sleep.  (Yes, she's sleeping in my bed.  Yes, I get bonus baby snuggle time.  Win-win)

I also have her halloween costume 98% finished....4 days after the fact.  It just needs a button to be 100%.  My oral proposal got in the way of me finishing it in time for the big day.  How rude!
Hi there!  The costume is the hat, not the jammies.  If you can't tell, it's a puppy "head," complete with ears.
I love the hat.  She may have to wear it every day many times.  If you're jealous of the cuteness, I'll be taking orders for adult sizes.  :o)  In other news, Sophia has been putting lots of points in to her "core strength" category, and can now sit unassisted for quite some time, as well as balancing for a few seconds on hands and knees.  I'm mentally preparing myself for the fact that I'll have a baby capable of moving not only in reverse, but in drive also!  Yikes.
Why hello there!
Playin' the piano

I'll be polishing my proposal and reading a bajillion papers for the next two weeks, but to distract myself, I plan to work on some more arts-and-crafts projects.  I  have a few lined up for my bonus nephew (I have bonus sisters, one of which is having a boy.  Hence, I get a bonus nephew!  Score for me!), as well as my niece, cousin, and of course, Sophia needs some more accessories.

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