Saturday, November 24, 2012


This week we went to see my parents (down in Raleigh) for Thanksgiving and eat some seriously yummy food courtesy of dad the bbq extraordinaire.  Seriously...he grilled two turkeys and a ham on Thanksgiving, and then cooked two briskets on Friday.  I think I got my protein quota for a month in two days.  And, to top it off, my sister and I got to take home all the leftover brisket!  Yum!  I think he "only" had them on the grill for 8 hours this time?  I dunno.  I do know that one day I will learn how to grill like him.  I also know that the day I do is the day I will need to start working out three hours a day to burn off everything I will be eating.  Sophia even joined us for dinner!  As soon as my mom emails me the pictures (hint, hint!), I will get them up here.  I have some, but mom and sis have more.  For dinner, Sophia got to move away from the dreaded applesauce and sample some sweet potatoes.  Seeing as she didn't freak out, gag, scrape them off her tounge, etc, I'll say they were a success.  She did, however, get them in her hair, nose, belly button, table cloth, and about everywhere else.  This child is verrrrry independent (don't know where she gets that from!), and says she will be controlling the spoon, thank you very much!

 Now, this is a spoon! to get it to my mouth....

   Almost have it!

Okay, so she didn't use that spoon for her meal.  That was just an entertainment device.  But, you can see her spiffy seat at the head of the table.  You may also notice her onesie says "Cowboys."  She is intelligent enough to root for the right team, even if they play like poo.
Go Cowboys!

She even had a helmet to go with the ensemble.  That was hat number two of the day.  The girls (minus the sleepy sister) ran a 5k that morning in order to have extra extra helpings at dinner.  And, Jordan was awesome and came with to take pictures.

All bundled up and ready to run!

And, the hat.

Can ya tell which one was taken with a real camera and which was taken with my phone camera?  Yeah.  Me too.  Jordan does amazing work, but I figure a not-so-awesome picture is better than no picture.  Right? I was proud I could run the whole time pushing Sophia, and equally proud that Sophia was her usual high-stress self and slept half the time.  All the girls plus Jordan sorta went black Friday shopping.  We left at 11am on Friday so it wouldn't be quite the crazy madhouse it was earlier that day (side note:  it's black FRIDAY...sales should not be starting on Thanksgiving.  Sheesh).  We scored some pretty sweet deals for Sophia (that girl needs more clothes like she needs a hole in her head).  I promise, they were really super good deals, cute clothes, and some staples (who can say no to miniature boot cut jeans with a zipper!?).   Mom (or, rather, MeMe) got Sophia a walker thingie.  She LOVES it already, though she can barely touch the floor with her tippy toes.  And hasn't quite yet figured out that when it moves, it's her moving it, not someone else.  But, the tray toys are pretty awesome, so she's happy.  PSA:  Walker thingies are meant to be used with supervision.  They are not babysitters.  Do not use on stairs.  Be a smart parent.  Thanks.
Hanging out with Aunt Melinda, listening to some tunes on the computer.

Mom, dad, Jordan and I also got to continue a tradition of playing spades and cutting up.  It's also a tradition that the girls trounce beat the boys, which was also upheld.  The funniest moment was when mom and I cross-trumped the boys.  That, or when the boys went set on a 5 bid (3-2).  Both were pretty hilarious.
Anyway, we have Thanksgiving, part two tomorrow with Jordan's family, then it's back to real life until Christmas!

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  1. I love your blog, and would like to buy a turkey hat