Saturday, November 17, 2012

Warning: Stepping on my soapbox

Okay, getting the soap-boxing out of the way first, then on to Sophia's first encounter with anything other than milk.  On that topic, though:  Breasts are biologically present as a form of nutrition delivery in mammals, not as sex objects.  Now that that's off my chest (no pun intended), should you happen to see a mom breast feeding in public, as she has a LEGAL RIGHT to do, kindly do not act shocked and like you have no idea that breasts have an actual purpose.  Case in point:  eating dinner last night, Sophia said she would like her dinner, too.  Which is fine by me.  I prefer to use a cover (while breast feeding may not scar anybody, the sight of my casper belly probably not fair that Sophia has more color at 5 months than I do!!), so I got it out and she began supper.  When our waiter came, you'd have thought I was doing a strip tease on the table by how uncomfortable he was.  That, and he didn't come back until she was done.  Honestly dude?  You'd have seen more skin watching the VS long johns fashion show than you did with me!  I refer you here for how I felt.  And, I'm not going to ask my daughter to eat anywhere I wouldn't (the bathroom comes to mind here....EW!), so darnit, get over yourself.   I cannot say how appreciative I am of people who pay no mind to the fact that Sophia's eating...don't stare, don't avoid, don't act crazy awkward, they just continue interacting with me in a normal manner.  Seems that's too much to ask sometimes.  Do a nursing mom a favor:  if you happen to see one in public, look her in the eyes and smile.  She's giving her baby the best nutrition possible.  And, off my soap box now.  *steps down*

In other news, Sophia had her first taste of applesauce today!  She said she did not much care for this weird substance I had mixed in with her perfectly good milk.  She also said that she would be controlling the spoon, thank you very much.  So, I got sneaky.  I got a tiny little bit of the applesauce-flavored milk on the tip of the spoon and then gave it to her.  She was fine with that.  So, we'll see if any progress is to be made on that front.
All ready for my first "real" food!

Video links will follow (as soon as I get them uploaded from my phone).  Little on is also snotty and cough-y, so she's a bit clingy, but is still holding the record of being the happiest sick baby I've seen.  The only changes are she prefers to be held a bit more, and (probably 'cause she's stuffy), likes to sit up more than lay down.  Which brings me to milestone #2!  We had a successful belly-to-sitting-up transition all by ourselves today!  There was also (limited) scoot and play time while I put away some clothes from my awesome bonus family (hand-me-downs are the best!).
'kay mom, I'm going to use this to build.....something.

Measure twice, cut once

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