Friday, December 14, 2012

Gee, thanks?

I have gotten quite a few comments/compliments the past few days, some being quite nice, some being....not so nice (though, I'm sure no ill will was intended)  Here's the best of them:

Regarding my haircut:
Love it! or It looks so good on you!
Why, thank you!  I like it this length, or about 8 inches longer.  I can never decide, hence the ADD-ness.

Aw, you look just like a little boy.
....yup, a little boy with boobs.  Rather large boobs.  All the little boys have them, it's the cool thing to do.

You must have cut your hair since you're a mom now.
Yes, that would be the only reason I did.  Certainly not because I get ADD with my hair, and generally cut it all off ever 1.5-2 years.  Sheesh.

Regarding my appearance:
Gee, you wear a lot of UVA stuff
Sure do!  I'm proud to have gone there and they gave me lots of free clothes (Thank you rowing!).  If my current school gave me free clothes, I'd wear a lot of VCU stuff, too.  Why don't you mind your own wardrobe, Ms. My-skirt-looks-like-I-made-it-from-carpet-I-pulled-from-a-dorm-room-floor.

You don't even look like you were pregnant just six months ago!
You're amazing.  Cookies will be on their way.

Where did your butt go?!
Well, it would be somewhere between my knees and waist.  Thank you for pointing that out.  I'm going with it's not as visible due to my pants being 1.5 sizes too big rather than the obvious, it has been squashed from being sat on too much.  Stairs to the 11th floor from now on, check.

I have a butt.  And a baby that's super excited to be pouring plates at 9:30.  And short hair.
 (please forgive the phone-in-the-bathroom-mirror shot)

Also, are all bosses required to be contradictory and favorite-playing?  I swear, I cannot win with mine!  No, I do not want to be in lab 38 hours a day, nor do I see anything wrong with not coming in 1 day out of 7. (Yes, I am in lab the other 6 days)  Additionally, I get here early.  Ergo, I leave early.  So, pthbbbb.

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