Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gender roles, or lack thereof

1) I am quite thankful that growing up I was allowed to pursue almost all of my interests, regardless of the gender they were typically associated with (I knew my dinosaurs like no other).  I'm also very thankful that I never realized girls aren't supposed to like science or math, or that they were supposed to be bad at them.  I had a wonderful role model in my mom (she's an awesome science teacher), and I give a lot of credit to her for where I am today.  My only gender-related complaint stems from a sliiiiightly restricted sports choice.  I was encouraged to pursue other sports, and did, so, honestly, can't complain too much there.  I guess just general annoyance at the fact that society (and hence my parents) has decided that girls can't play football.

2) However, not so thankful about these guys: commercials, and corporations.  Look down any toy section, and you'll pick out the "girl" one in 0.01 seconds: it's the one covered in barbie barf.  What if a boy wanted an easy bake? Like here.  And, good for Bobby Flay for helping them out.  I hate that either gender would be left out just because of the color of the toy, or what society thinks they'd like.

That's all.  I also think, though, that kids should play outside.  With dirt and sticks.  But, that's for another post.

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