Friday, December 14, 2012

Good morning!

Sophia has discovered the art of pulling herself up on her crib.  Nothing is safe now.  I've dropped her mattress almost as low as it will go (she has one more notch to go).  I think I may start lining her floor with blankets, as an insurance policy against the day she decides to go over the rail.  Seeing as she has wood floors, I'd rather her brains not be splattered across her room.  Too much of a mess to clean.

Good morning!  How nice of you to come get me.

I must say, though, it it pretty cool to be greeted like that when I walk in her room.  Though, that's generally only on weekends.  Weekdays, I'm up before she is, and have to get her up to change her/get her in the carseat.

What you see here is a dismantled snowman stacking toy (and the coolest blocks ever)

A friend got her a car, poofy onesie snowsuit thinger, and the coolest stacker I've ever seen.  It makes a snowman!!  If I was thinking, I would have gotten a picture of it assembled, but I wasn't.  I'll work on that, though.  Anyway, Sophia thinks it's lots of fun to knock him over and wang the base into things (the floor, blocks, my legs, her face...).  She likes it when whacking things together makes a noise.

Slightly better picture

The white parts are the snowman body (and head at the far left).  The red is his scarf, and at the bottom of the picture you can see his hat.  She likes the base, because it comes with a handle!

Bonus grammy got her a Christmas present!

She got a nifty push toy from her bonus grammy (helping her put it together above).  It's one of those where you can sit and play with comes with musical instruments, of course!  And a piano with a partial scale.  Partial scales bother me...I always want to complete it!  Her other piano does an arpeggio, which is better to my brain.  Anyhow, back to the toy space cadet. (Squirrel?!  Where!?)  Sophia loves that there is a little plastic "book" page to turn...and turn...and turn....and turn.  That may be the most entertaining thing to her.  But, she also loves to walk with this thing.  She has figured out the purpose of the handle on the top, and will walk around holding on to it.  However, the wheels are a bit too free-rolling for her, so she needs some help with the breaks.  She's been informed, however, that she is not allowed to walk until she is at least 9 months old, darnit.  So, she can walk with the toy, but better not be getting any bright ideas of doing it herself yet. 

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