Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Two truths:
1. I am thankful to be able to breastfeed Sophia.
2.  I'm crazy enough to be in school.
Therefore, I pump so Sophia can, you know, eat while I'm not there.  I gladly do it, and it's the one thing that nothing gets priority over.  Lunch?  A luxury.   Potty break?  Sometimes.   Social interaction?   Overrated.  Making sure Sophia has her meals for the next day?  The building would have to be on fire to prevent it.  I'm also grateful my building had a special room for moms to pump in that's not an icky bathroom.   However, darnit if I don't feel like a cow. 
If you see me mooing and eating grass, someone please return me to my barn lab.


In other news, Sophia's crib is now two clicks lower.  Little stinker was trying to escape.

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