Sunday, December 2, 2012

More skills upgrades

So, I'm a bit jumpy in the brain...oh, look!  Squirrel!  I jump topics a lot, as some of my friends can attest, which can make carrying on a conversation difficult at times.  This post is also a bit jumpy, so I apologize.

Topic numero uno:
Sophia can not only crawl, but she can pull herself standing on anything that's still enough for long enough.  And sometimes on moving things.  Example: crawling to her walker and using it to pull herself up.  I am so not ready to have a fully mobile little one running around.  That means I have to clean my house!  Or at least accessible areas.  So not cool.  Though, I am considering convincing her that sweeping is fun, and putting her to work.  You can see her crawling skills here, where she's chasing after her favorite giraffe in her crib in a ridiculously cute outfit courtesy of her bonus family.
See?  Isn't it awesome?!

This is courtesy of her great aunt.  It can be oh-so true sometimes.

Pulled herself up on the ottoman thinger to chase after some interesting looking junk mail.

Didja catch the theme in the pictures?  Yeah.  That's how she likes to spend her time lately.  Standing.  She's only six months for crying out loud (her photo shoot pictures will be up in a later post!).  However, she has been told that she is not to walk before she's at least 9 months old.  I won't stand for it.  

Topic the second:
She's getting better at eating solid foods!  I think she had five whole spoonfulls of sweet potatoes the other night.  I'm so proud.

Third topic:
So many projects, so little time!  I have so many projects I want to make that I don't know where to start.  Hats for Sophia, hats for friends, other projects for friends, a project that recycles plastic bags (if it works, I'll put up a how-to-do-it for those interested), and so many things to build at home (DIY posts pending there, too).  One day, I'll have time enough to indulge in all my project tendencies.  For now, I'll have to settle for getting in as much as I can when I can.

4th topic:
I saw road sticky notes for the second time ever!!!!  These are the coolest things ever! (I'm easily amused, don't judge)  The first time I saw them was on our honeymoon, in NH.

 Sticky notes! In the road!

Investigating the sticky notes.  They are in fact a semi-flexible rubber material.

And, here they are at home!  The excitement!

Last topic:
I got a new power tool!  And, it was super on sale, so I got lots of stuff on the cheap (router, router table, 15 bits and two books for less than the non-sale price of the router).  It's a router (no, not for internet access), and it has both a fixed base and a plunge base, so it should be able to do everything I want it to do.  I love a good deal, and I love free shipping even more, because I can shop in my jammies, and stuff magically shows up at my door a few days later.  No driving, no getting funny looks in the hardware store (girls can play with tools, too, thank you very much), and no having to waste precious home time shopping.  The only bad thing is I have to be patient.  Grrrr.

Now, off to get some papers read....oh, look!  Shiny!


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    1. I'm not too sure of their purpose...I've seen them with lines and without lines. I'm assuming the ones without lines are the "hey, dumdum, there's supposed to be a line here, so use your manners." The others, dunno. But, they seriously look like sticky notes! And amuse me greatly.