Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sophia on the move

With the holidays here, I have had more time to spend at home, and consequently, with Sophia and Jordan.  I still have to go to jail lab, but I can have shorter days, especially since I didn't really take any time off, and my boss is in Timbuktwo.  Or Patagonia.  One or the other.  I did get some "forced" time home with snow.  Okay, who am I kidding.  I could have made it in safely.  I just erred waaaaaaaaaaaaaay on the side of caution.  Who knows what a rouge snowflake on the road can do, ya know?!  So, Sophia and I spent time together.  And, Bonus sister the first is in town, so I have to abuse that privilege and harass see her as much as I can and make a general nuisance of myself while I can.

Helping B with her yarn.  Notice the ignored baby toys....

Yarn works best shaken, not stirred.

Love my bed hog.  She insists on sleeping sideways until I get in bed.  Then she's content to snuggle up the right way.  <3

There still hasn't been much progress made on the "let me feed you non-milk foods" front, so we've decided not to force the matter, and just offer her solids she can feed herself, and a spoon to play with.  If she wants to eat/suck on/slobber all over the offerings, great.  If she'd rather feed the dog, Priss says she doesn't mind. This approach has been going well...she likes to slobber on rolls and enjoys her chips dipped in salsa, please.  She also says she'll pass on the potatoes for now, thank you, but will confiscate that slice of pizza right out of your hand and suck off all the sauce.


My pizza!

We made a trip to food lion in preparation for my parents visit...I wanted to cook a prime rib roast and get the all-knowing-god-of-everything-meat's (dad) opinion on the matter, and got paid the ultimate compliment: asking for how I did it.  Anywho, Sophia is big enough to ride in the cart, which she LOVED.

Hmmm...interesting view from up here...

And, we went to the waterpark with my cousin before heading to bonus family's house for ah-mazing fried chicken cooked by bonus sister the first and her awesome hubby.  Sophia says the lazy river is quite nice, except for the jerkfaces who sprayed her in the face.  She also says her favorite part is the deck behind the flow rider where she can crawl around, pull up on the netting, and climb the steps.  Yup, I said climb the steps.  She did that, and was quite proud.

Hi there!

She also likes crawling down the hall and into the bathroom.  Trying to tell me she wants another bath.  That kid LOVES bath time.  She gets all kinds of excited, and with all the new toys she got for Christmas, it's near impossible to get her out of there.

Bye mom!

Gonna go take a bath now, 'kay?

She's also teething something fierce.  Her two bottom teeth have been firmly established now for a while, but her top two are trying to come in, as are the ones next to her bottom two.  As a result, she's chewing on anything within mouth's reach.


Me?  Chewing on my crib?  Of course not!

Result of chewing...

Craft project for New Year's is making a teething bumper to preserve her crib.  And avoid extra fiber in her diet.  Holiday-specific antics, as well as her desire to have any drink I have, will be upcoming.  Until then, a belated Merry Christmas to everybody!

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