Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who says lab rats can't be festive?!

 Lab rats are people, too.  And as such, feel the need to procrastinate kill time not do their work decorate for the holidays.  So, there was decorating going on.

Decorations on the dark other side of the lab
Gingerbread lab people!

Door to the other side.  Must be able to fit under the
snowflake to enter.

Door to the cool my side

I'm the tallest person in lab, so it is my duty to get stuff off high shelves (and brush into the blue snowflake every single time I go across the hall).  I am also evidently the only one who has any sense of "tinkering," so I get to fix a lot of things, too.  Hey, it's job security.

Lab hamster!

Bells, and more gingerbread lab people!
My gingerbread person!  Complete with Sophia.

See?  We're festive.  And, as a side note, how the heck do I type next to my pictures (*ahem* bonus sister the second */ahem*)?

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  1. Bahaha instead if entering the text as a caption/comment, just type then drag/drop your pics where you want them. Or you can right/left/center justify them :) separate your paragraphs with exta spaces if you want certain paragraphs by certain pictures