Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A girl and her dog

Sophia is a very curious little girl, and with her increasing mobility, is increasingly able to get into stuff I don't want her in explore her surroundings.  She is also fiercely independent.  No clue where she got that from.....  Anyway, I keep toys she can play with (as opposed to, say, plastic bags and dust bunnies, which she thinks make awesome toys) in her baskets from Mimi on ground level.  I think half the fun for her is just pulling everything out, and not necessarily playing with what she pulled out.  Except her crinkle dollar!!  Holy bajeezus does she love her crinkle dollar.  It's a fabric dollar that has a plastic material inside that crinkles.  A baby-safe plastic bag noise!  She'll crawl around her room (and, let's be honest, down the hallway) with it in her hand, keep it in her hand when she pulls up on boxes, plays with it when you change her....you get the idea.  

Excavating her basket

Notice the excavation around her. Intensely concentrating on that block...

I'm not supposed to eat my stacker snowman's head?  Why not?

Okay, fine.  Block it is.

However, with all her exploring and independence, she's got a very watchful shadow.  One that is always happy to see her (albeit a bit too excited for my liking sometimes), inspects anyone who comes to see her, and is never far from her side.  Her shadow has a special spot in Sophia's room, and she knows that it's her spot...she even brings her toys there so she can chew on them while she's watching Sophia.  I am, of course, talking about Priss, our pom rescue.

Her spot, watching over Sophia

We call her our sorry excuse of a dog, because I'm pretty sure at least two, if not three, of our cats outweigh her, and most of them can beat her up.  And, because our other two dogs are 75+ lbs.  However, don't let her size fool you...she forgets she's little.  On at least one occasion she has stood up to one of the big boys, preventing him from coming in the kitchen where Sophia was in her swing.  Jake (big boy #2) escaped Jordan when he was letting him in, and decided to run up to the kitchen.  Priss let him know that he would not be going in there, and he decided that was probably the best plan.

My nap buddies.

She may be little, and make me feel the need to refer to her as a "dog" rather than a dog, but I kinda like her.  Sophia does too.

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