Saturday, January 12, 2013

A photo Christmas

I realized going through these that we only have pictures from Christmas morning with Jordan's family, and none from lunch or when my family fail!  But, I think mom may have gotten some pictures, and maybe, if she'll send them to me (hint, hint), I can put them up here, too!  I have also learned that hints delivered via the blog get very nice results, as I got these pictures soon after I put up the Christmas post, but it's my fault they are late in going slipped my mind with all the traveling/working/school-ing I've been doing.  Blog-fail.

PopPop: the hander-outer of the presents 

Bree, quite excited about the presents.

Which to choose first....

Helping Nana open hers

Helping Bree open her present that Jordan TAPED shut.  Jerkface.  But, please notice my rocking bracelet made by Bree.  Love it!

Nail polish!  And, quick-drying! (you're welcome mom)

Barn toy

Trying to get those animals out

Bree wanted to help her play.  Sophia loves Bree.

No, my child is not drugged.  But, notice the toy of choice: my bag of almond hershey kisses.  Not her barn. not the cups, or blocks.  Hershey kisses.  That child...

Yup...still playing with my chocolate
Trying to interest her in helping to open up a present.  Not having any of it.  That girl loves chocolate as much as her dad, it would seem.

Did I hear a plastic bag in there?

Clothes!  (and my awesome bracelet!)

This bag is cool, Nana!

Trying to interest her in an age-appropriate toy.  Or, something that is intended to be a toy.

Box with books!  The box is clearly a toy!

Again with the chocolate....

Really cool book!  You move the plastic pieces at the top from one side to the other as the story progresses.  Can't wait to read that one with her when she's older and can move the pieces.  We still read, but now it's a game of how fast can mommy read before I turn the page.  Mommy likes the books with one word per page....

Santa (aka, Nana and PopPop) was generous!


...but thinking of checking out this box again.

Close the lid...

Open the lid!


Bree came over to play

Catching sight of Bree...

Hey, where ya goin'?

Toys are out, and being played with!  Yummy cow...


Here, get a close-up

Closer....let me help with that focus
Still not right..

Finally!  A shot of daddy and Sophia!

Looking at the pull-the-handle-and-hear-the-noises toy.

And the cow from the barn

Family picture! (Sophia poo'd herself and was asleep here)

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