Thursday, January 10, 2013

Charlotte visit

This past weekend, Jordan, Sophia and I went to Charlotte to visit bonus sister, her new baby, and my sister and her boyfriend.  I was quite excited to see my sister for more than a quick visit (we would be there 2 and a half and a half days and 3 nights!), and I was eager to see bonus sister and her little one.  During the ride, Sophia decided that soda bottles were more entertaining than the toys we brought for her.  This trend continued the whole weekend.
Trying to suck her thumb and play with the bottle at the same time

Bottles make a funny noise when you hit them! 

We successfully got to Charlotte with minimal freaking out from Sophia.  She had a bit where she said she was done driving, but I managed to get her calmed down.  I also, evidently, managed to impress Jordan with the things I can do while driving (it may be better if you just don't ask here).  

I am super excited to have gotten to meet my bonus nephew!  He is super itty bitty (4lbs 10ish oz when I met him), and cute as a button.  Jordan took some pictures, but I'll let bonus sister put them up, seeing as he's her kid and all.  Sophia was interested, since the models in her daycare don't come quite that little.  But, she was easily distracted by their dogs and the toys we had for her to play with (and a bit of pre-slobbering poor H's break them in, you know)

That evening, we ate pizza.  Sophia has already said she likes pizza.  So, I let her chew on my crust after she ate dinner (no awkward waiters here....and the old guy with grey dreds past his shoulders made me think that weird looks were probably not pending....not that I care).  Oh goodness, I think I have found the next best teether!  She loooooved chewing on it, and especially loved sucking off the pizza sauce.  This is the same child who refuses, kicking and screaming, any food served on a spoon by me.  She also ate half a roll the other day.  Half.  Sheesh.  So, we've conquered bread.  Next up, potatoes? Veggie sticks?  I think zucchini may go over well.
Nap time in the guest bed

Jordan, my sister, her boyfriend, and I played spades...Friday or Saturday evening.  I can't remember now.  I do know that my sister's boyfriend is quite possibly the most hilarious person to play spades against, ever!  I felt just a little bad for Jordan, but he was very patient.  I'm sure part of the hilarity was due to the fact that boyfriend was used to using a sandbag rule, which we don't use.

Girls always win!

Sunday was breakfast at a yummy Irish place, then the science museum (I'm doing a whole post just on that, it was THAT awesome!!).  Quite possibly the coolest place for kids I've seen yet.  If I lived closer, I (and Sophia, I suppose) would be there every week.  That evening, I made roast chicken breast (potential guest post on a friends blog about that one...I'll keep you posted), which turned out quite yummy.  Monday was a visit to a delicious french bakery, and then off for one last baby visit before heading back home.  All in all, quite the enjoyable weekend!

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  1. God I love that kid! Pizza as her favorite food? My life is complete. :) Can't wait for your museum post!