Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas (the word version)

Christmas for us was quite fun, and busy.  We started out at Jordan's parent's house Christmas morning, where his mom made a huge breakfast.  She does this every year, and it's pretty awesome.  We (his parents, sister and family, and us) eat and then clean up.  Jordan was saying that it was hard for him as a kid because all he wanted to do was to open presents but his mom made him eat, clean up, and put everything away before opening presents.  This year, Jordan got his mom a ladder.  Now, Cindy (his mom) isn't the most...gentle...present opener.  And, she will let you know exactly what she thinks of your present (Sophia isn't allowed to get her anything until she's about 16 so she's not scarred for life).  So, we had some fun with Cindy this year.  We were telling her how big her present was, how much she'll like it, etc.  Sophia and I got to their house first, and I told her we were late (we were...getting a baby and a husband out of the house on time is hard!) because we had spent all morning trying to get her present on the truck, because there was no way it would fit in my car.  Boy did that get her going!  When Jordan got there, she wanted to open presents immediately, but we told her that we had to wait.  A bit of payback from Jordan's childhood, I suppose.  :o) After breakfast, we opened presents, and Sophia was thoroughly spoiled!  Books, blocks, bath toys, clothes...and the thing she enjoyed the most was my bag of hershey kisses.  *sigh*  Silly, silly girl.

After that, we went home to eat lunch with my aunt, Eric, and cousin, and have a second Christmas.  I cooked (venison, chicken, and pasta), and we hung out.  Sophia got more books (yay!!), and then cousin and I headed off to work.  Yes, on Christmas.  Ugh.  I was lucky and just had to do arts and crafts bandaid detail.  Cousin had to do real work and lifeguard.  After we got off, we headed back to Richmond to avoid the wake up at oh-my-gosh-thirty.

The next day, my family came up, through the snow and ick that I went through earlier that day.  I think the highways were clearer for them, but the other roads were a bit ickier.  I love having them up, and it was the first time dad had been able to see what we've done with the house, so I was proud to show it all off to him. Jordan cooked ribs that day, and I made prime rib the next day.  The first time I had cooked it, I wasn't too happy with it, but this time it was soooo much better.  Meme and papa (my parent's chosen grandparents names) got Sophia sweet stacking baskets to hold her toys and an ABC mat for her room.

As is tradition, we played spades that evening.  Of course, the girls won.  Best part: boys went set on a 4 bid.  Again.  And, girls got a blind nil bid no problem.  I love spades.

I am so glad we got to spend so much time with family this holiday season, and that everybody had safe travels.  I'm also thankful for technology, which allows far away family to video chat with us.  I miss interacting face-to-face with them, but that just gives reason to travel to far-far-away land.   A photo Christmas post is coming up, as soon as you-know-who uploads pictures from the real camera.
Hanging with Aunt B while mommy ran home.

Sophia's awesome mat!

Close up

Stacking toy bins, complete with toys!

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