Friday, January 11, 2013

Dear Sophia....

....Bottles are your friend.  You need to eat them at daycare.  Going 8 hours refusing your bottle is no bueno.  I'm glad you were your happy, giggly self until they tried to feed you, but I promise, there is no cyanide in your bottles.  I'm pretty sure I would get strange looks if I sent you with pizza crust to daycare.  And besides, you still have to drink some before they'll give you your lunch.

On the flip side, I am very happy that you saw fit to sleep so much last night.  5:30-6:45.  Awesooooooome.  I was quite worried that with such a late nap (what I thought would be a nap), you would be up and raring to go at, oh, say, 2am.  There was a little up-time, I understand, where I was mean and changed your diaper.  But you said you wanted to go back to sleep, and who am I to argue?

Hopefully you will eat better today, and for supper I promise you can have some of the apple that I got for dinner yesterday, which you slept through.  If you ask nicely, I'm sure I can even arrange for some bread.


Two of her favorite things: plastic bags and bath tubs (don't worry, she only gets to shake the putting it over her head or unsupervised play)

Are we taking a bath?

Mom, there's something wrong water is in the tub!

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