Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm beginning to think Sophia's second favorite room in the house is the bathroom (first favorite when there's a bath involved).  I bring her in there when I need to use the facilities, and let her roam around.  She generally goes one of two places: the tub to pull up and "jump" or the drawers.  The bottom drawer, and most accessible one (duh!) holds washrags.  Completely unintentionally, mind you, because they have lived there for quite some time.  However, it worked out well, since the most baby-accessible drawer is already baby safe.  The second drawer is now becoming reachable, though, and it's not exactly baby proof.  We're not talking knives and lighters unsafe, but hair accessories, including bobby pins unsafe.  Chocking hazards and such.  

Examining the selection

Preparing to open the second drawer

Getting better leverage...
I try to stop her before she actually gets the drawer open so I don't have to fish anything out of her mouth.  Like her buckets, she likes excavating the washrags in the bottom drawer, so it's generally not too hard to distract her.

Another favorite activity of hers is to dive-bomb my keyboard whenever I have a computer out.  She loves the sound the keys make, and she is amazingly good at peeling the keys off on my keyboard.  Ugh.  When bonus sister the first and I have our skype dates, with Sophia's presence required unless she's sleeping, Sophia will send cryptic messages to bonus sister.  It's quite amusing from the video end, too, as you'll be watching her, and all of a sudden hear furious typing and just see the top of her head.  Messages generally look something like this: "DIndddddddddddddddddddddddddddd      ,,................lkm,mm,,m,,,,,,,,,"  Top secret code stuff.  And, yes, she can make capital letters.  And hang up on bonus sister by turning off my wireless.  Very smart, that one.  So, knowing this, I told Jordan that he should bring her a keyboard of her own.  Which he finally was able to do.  He even cut the cord and disinfected it for her.  Isn't he awesome?

Typing secret messages 

Checking the solid-ness of these keys.  Unfortunately they do not come off. (well, she's sad.  I'm not.)

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