Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have a confession: I love food (except beans.  Beans are not food....they are icky poo poo).  I enjoy eating food, and I particularly love to eat good food.  I am quite fortunate to be married to someone who enjoys baking, because I have negative patience for it.  "I have to add stuff to my box mix?!  What the heck?"  or, "Why does it matter what order I add the ingredients, or who gets mixed with who first?  They're all getting mixed together anyway!"  or, "Ugh!  I have to bake 2 more batches of these?  That's, like, 20 whole minutes!"  See?  Not very patient.  Cooking, however, I love to do.  Especially grilling.  I am also lucky to have a grill master in my family (anything my dad puts on the grill comes out ah-mazing).  

So, I have decided to do an upgrade to my Susie Homemaker skills, and start cooking more.  Because, let's face it, food is good, good food is better, and good food at home is best and cheaper!  So, thank you Pinterest for giving me ideas!  I have a few staples I make, and I'll play around a little bit (Balsamic venison over fettuccine with an alfredo sauce anyone?).   But, I am generally unwilling to get obscure ingredients (nutmeg from the jar is just fine, thank you very much), so I have found pinterest to be a better source of recipes than, say, Food Network.  What I find on Food Network I'll generally modify a bit prior to cooking to suit my ingredient list/time/attention span.

So, without further ado, recipe numero uno:  Breakfast burritos!  I followed this one pretty much exactly, using 8 eggs and "burrito size" tortillas.  I was quite surprised at how little grease the sausage gave...I actually had to add a little oil for the hashbrowns.  And, I'll let you in on a hint:  don't make these before you've eaten'll want to eat everything RIGHT THEN rather than making your burritos to freeze.  Anywho, I managed to get 9 decent-sized burritos out of the batch, and they are quite the tasty!  They freeze well (wrap in plastic wrap, then put in freezer bags) and heat up again handily, and quickly!  I've been doing much better about eating breakfast with these (that's another goal of cooking more...making sure I eat more regularly!), and I'm not starving a few hours later.  One thing I will change is to add some onions the next time, but that's personal taste.  Sorry I don't have any pictures (the link has some pictures, just imagine me doing that)....I can barely remember to take regular pictures of Sophia, much less my food.  If you'd like pretty pictures of food, check out bonus seester's blog....she has pretty food pictures, funny posts, and some yummy sounding ideas.

Speaking of child photos, more nakie pictures to embarrass her with when she brings her first boyfriend home at 30.  She's been on an antibiotic for an ear infection, which led (the antibiotic, not the ear infection) to her getting a yeast infection and quite the sore butt.  So, since nakie time is not allowed at daycare (understandably so), we've been having nakie time at home to air out the region.  It's generally advisable to give little ones nakie time anyway, but especially with sore butts.  We just lay down a towel on her floor, and let her play as usual.  

Fresh out of the bath!

Kinda blurry, but love the curl!

Washed out (darn you camera flash!).  Loving her cup.  

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