Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here and there

I would like to start off saying I cannot believe I didn't put the first two pictures up earlier!!  Gah!  While in Charlotte, we went to a super fancy mall (it has a Burberry's and a Tiffany's, and other snobby high-dollar brand stores that I don't remember the names of).  What did we end up purchasing at said fancy mall?  A 99-cents pair of sunglasses for Sophia.  Duh.

We train them young around here.

Rock star.

Sophia thinks that socks were put on her feet for the sole purpose of her entertainment while pulling them off.   When she's in her car seat, that's the first thing she goes for.  She's also gotten into the habit, while in said seat, of putting un-wanted items out of her way.  Exhibit A is below.

I count 3 pairs of socks and a toy.

One sock got pulled off before nap time took over.

The best thing?  She'll sometimes decide that she actually wasn't quite done with the toy she disposed of, and ask for it back.  Thank goodness I was blessed with long monkey arms, and can usually oblige.  When she tosses stuff off the other side (not as often, interestingly), she's outta luck.  I got monkey arms, not inspector gadget arms.

Her other favorite thing to do now is play with shoes.  Especially "Croc" brand shoes.  Just ask my BIL...she chased him around for his shoes.  And then looked for the shoes when he took them off and threw them partially behind a chair.  I'm fine with her playing with them (they're not covered in dog poo or anything).  I am not fine, however, with her trying to eat them.  Disclaimer: I own a pair because I work in aquatics.  I do not wear them out in public otherwise.

Deep in play.

Oh, hey mom.  What's that?  Don't eat what?

Oh!  This? I wouldn't dream of it.

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