Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New favorite noise and other assorted newish items

Sophia's new favorite noise is "pthbbb."  Or, as we call it, blowing raspberries.  She also really enjoys making the "farting" noise by putting her open mouth on exposed skin and blowing.  Always a guaranteed giggle.  Also, a wonderful sleep-stalling technique.  And, since little miss difficult has been clingy and quick to pop back up once I put her down, we've been doing some co-sleeping if she gets up in the middle of the night.  It's just easier on all parties involved....she gets buffet access and mommy cuddles, I get my sleep and extra baby cuddles, we both win.

Sound (haven't caught her face yet) of raspberries.  She now knows what a camera is, and that it's really fun to reach for and try to play with.  I will get it one of these days, though. CAUTION: you will see my belly.  Watch at your own risk, and be advised that by reading this agreement, you hereby forfeit your right to sue me because my glow-in-the-dark belly blinded you.

She has also added a new favorite food from our favorite restaurant (A&Ts chicken....Ah-mazing!): Yucas!  Yucas, for those of you who don't know, are like a starchier potato, and super yummy.  They are fried (I know, bad mommy award right here, giving fried foods to my little one already), but in my defense, they are not greasy and the way she eats them she ends up just getting to the juicy centers rather than too much of the fried outside.  Yucas, however, do not work as well as leftovers, as the cold versions break off pieces that are large enough to make me nervous.  I am going to try roasting some carrots tonight and seeing what she thinks of those.  So far, she has enjoyed anything she can hold on to and feed herself, so I'm hopeful.  Maybe we can add some veggies to her diet finally!  

Yummy yuca!  And, look: perfect size for little hands to hold.  Especially little hands that don't have the fine motor skills of a pincer grasp yet.

I like this. 

om nom nom

And! Super excited to have finally been able to start selling some of the arts-and-crafts I make.  A wonderful local photographer (Gitchell's photography) has been ordering some, and a few people at work have asked for custom things, too.  Yay!

My stressed out co-traveller.  

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