Friday, January 11, 2013

Science Museum

The coolest invention ever!  A water table...seats for the bitties and waterproof aprons for the bigger ones.  Plenty of toys, hoses, squirters, whirly-gigs...a kid's dream come true.  Especially my kid.

A little unsure at, she eats her hand.

Oh, hey, I can play.

Checking in.

Oh, yeah.  I want one of these in my room, please.

Better view of the table.

Crawling in the little people area

Seriously, the look on her face here...can't get much better than this.  There was also a sensory fort with a bunch of different textures as well as a few reading nooks with super-size cushions.

Crawling in the sensory path thingie

More crawling....

Break to play with a toy

Um, seester, that's for bitties.  And shouldn't be that hard.  :o)

Going up the stairs.  'cause stairs are now fun. (eeek!)

Admiring ourselves in the mirrors.

Supportive seester

Checking dad out

She was way more entertained by the bottom of this toy than the top.  Not sure why.  You can see the rest of the room (sorta) behind them...we spent most of our time in the bitty section, but there was also a giant light bright (the pegs were as big as soda cans), a whacky-musicy thing, fans that you could flutter stuff in, Lincoln log table, and a lot of other fun stuff that I can't remember now.

Quite possibly one of my favoritest pictures ever.

Aquariums!  The one in Chattanooga is still  my favoritest, and she'll have to go next time we visit (Yes, I go to that aquarium almost yearly.  Yes, it's that good.).  The science museum had a sorry excuse of an aquarium wing, but she still loved looking at the fishies.  Let's  be honest, I did too.


Pointing to the water level to illustrate the height of the tank.

Such wonder.

Helping the photographer

Lemme adjust that focus for you....

I want to take the pictures now!

Can I touch these?

No, my sister and I do not look alike....Checking out the ground floor of the rain forest exhibit.  There were evidently frogs (which I didn't see but seester did) and a macaw and potentially flightless birds (can't confirm the flightless nature of them, but they were running around on the ground and looked a little large to be fliers)

Leaning over the edge in the rain forest exhibit.  It was quite humid in there (as I'm sure it needed to be).

Family photo

Upstairs had a bunch of cool science-y stuff for bigger kids.  There was no worry about mess, and they could run around and have a bunch of fun.  Heck, I saw adults doing the same thing.  This particular exhibit was teaching about pullys and how the number and arrangement of them can make a task much easier.  Seester is quite proud of pulling herself up (shh...the "Hard" is actually the easiest).

There was an exhibit about balancing a ball on a column of wind.  Or, using the column of wind to entertain a baby.  You pick.  In the background is the "Air Chair" which uses air pressure to lift a chair with a light person in it.  Also cool.

This was the magnetism exhibit...iron (I'm assuming) filings were made to "dance" to the beat of music being played.  It was pretty nifty.  Sophia agreed.  There were also exhibits on the transfer of energy (drop a stack of balls, biggest on the bottom, and see what happens to the top one, which is the littlest), building shelters (you could really build one), live demonstrations (yay for chemistry and fire!), and a station where you could make duct tape shoes.  

Teaching about fulcrums and levers.  Notice where the ropes for each party originate: which one should have it easier?  Now, look at the effort being put forth by both parties....

PULL!!!  Behind her is looking at what happens when you put cut up paper in a wind tunnel, and behind that you can make a stop-motion movie.  Seester made one, and as soon as it's sent to her, I'll see if I can't put it up.  There was also a room with sensors on the floor that when blocked played a sound: piano notes, drum beats, or other insturmental notes.  Pretty cool!  If Sophia wasn't approaching I-need-a-nap-or-I'm-going-to-have-a-meltdown time, I bet Jordan would have had a field day in there.

Pull Jordan!  Behind him was an exhibit about nanotechnology.

More fishies.


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