Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shelf (finally!)

I am proud to announce that I have FINALLY finished the shelf I have been intending to make for, oh, 3 months now.  It goes above Sophia's dresser to prevent a squirmy, curious baby from shoving her lotion/wipes/cream/etc onto the floor.  I originally saw the design on pinterest for a laundry room, and thought that I could make that for her room rather than going out and buying one, or at least the brackets for one.  I already had the scrap lumber laying around.  And, added bonus!  I got to use my new router/router table.  Which, of course, meant I had to get that set up.  

In case anyone had a burning desire to know how exactly I made said shelf, here ya go:

Step 1: cut wood for brackets/supports.  I had two, so double the pieces seen here.  The diagonal cuts are 45 degrees (yay miter saw!)

Step 2: Paint (or stain if you'd rather) the bracket pieces.  See?  Two.  I advise painting/staining first, since once they're together you'll have icky angles to try and shove your color into.

Step 3: Drill pilot holes.  Especially necessary at the top.  Maybe not so much in the middle, but helpful anyway.  The two at the top are for joining the two legs into the 90 degree angle part.

Step 4: Start your screws.  Okay, so this step is optional, but I think it makes things easier.

Step 5: Finish screwing pieces together.  That's why it makes it easier.  Try balancing those suckers together and putting a screw through them.  Not easy.

Step 6: Attach "legs" to shelf (shelf is upside down here...and I suppose I should have mentioned earlier to cut/edge a board for a shelf....whoopsie)  I also started the screws for the wall "legs."  Again, because it's easier.

Step 7:  Make sure shelf is level, and attach to wall!  Mr. Monkey is helping hold this one up.

Step 8: Attach extra support pieces.  I waited until now so I wouldn't be fighting weird spaces when trying to attach bracket to shelf/wall

Still step 8, just a different shot.  And a pretty sweet shot of the edging on the shelf.

Step 9: Accessorize!  Baby stuff safely out of reach, and shelf is high enough that Sophia can't reach/whack her head on it.  Yet.  

Voila!  A shelf!  It really shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but I am just now figuring out how to do stuff while the only adult at home.  Only took me 7.5 months....  And, the draw to snuggle and/or play with the little one is pretty strong.  But, luckily, she can self entertain, so I may have done most of the putting-together of this (okay, all of it) in her room while she played.  Hey, whatever works, right?  She wasn't allowed to play with the sharp pointy things, so I figure we're good.

Sophia "helping" by playing with the bag the screws are in.  I swear, that girl is magnetically attracted to the sound of plastic bags.

Oh, hey mom...you need these?  Are you sure about that?

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