Monday, February 4, 2013

8 months already?!

My, how the time has flown.  Sophia's 8 months old already (well, a few days ago), and it's hard to wrap my head around that.  It's amazing to see how much she's grown, what new skills she's learned, and how curious and observant she is, as well as pig-headed persistent.  She's the first in her "class" at daycare to start transitioning over to the other, more mobile, side of the infant classroom, though her eating skills are lagging a bit.  Every one develops at their own pace, though, and some skills come faster for some than others, so I'm not concerned about it.  She'll eat when she's good and ready to eat.  But!  This weekend I decided to try spoon-delivered food again, and we had moderate success!  Three whole spoons full of carrots in the mouth (that I may or may not have tricked open) that stayed in with no tears, panic attacks, or freak outs!!  Even better: this happened for three meals in a row!  She also fed herself a "wheel" of those buy-at-the-store baby finger food things and ate almost all of it.  I'm so proud.
My 8 month old, on her "birthday"....what's up with this new sleeping position?

Laundry helper

Hanging out while mom puts away laundry

Laundry helper at.....3ish months.  I promise, she's not as terrified as she looks in this picture.  Well, at least not of the laundry.  The flash, probably.  

We had destroy her room play time this weekend, where she got a whole lot of moving and playing in.  She's getting really good at pulling herself up on her walking toy, and was even able to control it in it's intended direction rather than having it roll away from her leaving her to face plant.  She still has one more month, though, before she's allowed to walk on her own.  She can practice, but no walking until 9 months.  I say so.  That being said, she discovered her bookshelf (...which I still need to screw to the wall.  Guess what I'm doing tonight?)  The shelf she can reach has all sorts of fun things....bath soap, stuffed animals, books, an awesome sock monkey made by a friend (he has some mad knitting skills.  I'm totally jealous).  It is also right by where Priss has decided is her place in Sophia's room.  So, this playing there made for a displaced puppy.

Pulling stuff out of her bookcase

Playing in the chaos

Moooooom....she's in my spot!

Taking everything out of her basket because she REALLY wanted her strawberry teether.  :o)

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