Sunday, February 24, 2013

Busy board!

Sophia's busy board is finally done!!  The idea originally came from pinterest, and they did theirs in cool construction yellow and black.  But, with a yellow room, I didn't think that would "go"(okay sisters, bio and bonus, here's where you can be proud of me...I didn't think something would "go"!!), so I opted for a deep pink (I know, shocker, right?!) that matched her bedspread with some blues and greens, also from the bedspread.  And, I think it came out pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

So, for those of you playing along at home, here's what you'll need:
-Wood (Unless you want to just put all these do-dads straight on your wall.) I used a 1x12, cut it and joined it.  I didn't like how plywood looked.
-do-dads of your choosing.  I personally recommend the boing-oing-oing style doorstop and switches.
-Flat and phillips head screwdriver (to attach the do-dads)
-saw (if you're cutting wood)
-router (if you're joining wood, or want to put an edge on it.  Not really possible with plywood)
-Paint.  The sample sizes are amazing here.  They'll be more than you'll need, and you won't have a lot of leftover paint, and save monies.  Always a good thing.
-paint applicators

Step 1:  If you're joining wood, using a rabbit bit to make it look like it does above makes for a much stronger joint.

Step 2:  Glue the pieces together.  Truck tie-downs make for very nice extended clamps (the extra wood is there to protect what's underneath) and weights make very nice, well, weights to make sure your joint is nice and pressured.

 Step 3: Paint the board.  Really, should have done some hole-making first, but hey, live and learn, right?  You can't really see it here, but before I painted I ran it through the router to put a curved edge on it.  Something about hard corners on a small child's toy just didn't set well with me....

Step 4: See, these are the holes I should have made before painting. Whoops.  Anyway, the light switches have to be sunk in the board, so cut out a hole.  You can use a plunge router, chisel, drill and jigsaw, handy woodpecker, whatever suits your fancy.  Just, don't put it over a knot in the wood.  Trust me on this one.  It will make your job 20 times harder than it needs to be.

Step 5:  I decided stripes were necessary.  I just couldn't do that much pink in one place, and besides, stripes make it look so much better.  Trust me.  So, tape off your stripes.  I went for super-skinny stripes.

Step 6:  Paint the stripes!  See, green and blue skinny stripes.  

Step 7: Remove tape, admire stripes.  Doesn't that look good?

Step 8: Install light switches.  Stuff them down in their holes and screw 'em down.  I think I only used two screws per switch, since they a) weren't real and b) would be further held in place by the switch plate.  You can screw in all the extra screws that come on these switches (I guess they're for attaching wires or some practical thing like that).

Step 9:  Put on those switch plates!  Yes, I know they're two different colors.  I got the cheapest of both versions, sue me.  'sides, it gives it more  Yeah.  Sophia won't care, and neither do I.  So, pthbbbbb.

Step 10:  lay out all your do-dads to see how they fit.  A few notes here:  the colored pieces are doors, and will get knobbed (see in step 11).  Make sure your do-dads don't interfere with each other.  I ended up moving the chain lock and hotel lock because of where the chain would have been falling.  With the hook locks, get the non-pointy versions.  And pretty much, have fun!

Step 11: Oh, yeah.  You need to cut out a bit for the door knob.  Evidently there's sticky-outy stuff on the back of a standard door knob.  Who would have known?

Step 12:  Everything's attached!!

Step 13: Since I had light switch parts sticking out the back, I had to off-set the board from the wall.  I put up 1x2 boards to give it some room.

And, finished product!!  Perfect height for playing, barely out of reach from the crib, loads and loads of busy time just waiting to be had.

Yup, just right for pulling up!

Seriously, the boing-oing-oing door stop is worth its weight in gold as an entertainment item.  Not only does it entertain babies, it also entertains husbands!

And, voila!  A busy board.  


  1. Love this idea! I might borrow it :-)

    1. Borrow away! It's not an original on my part but rather a pinterest steal. I just switched colors around.