Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movin' and Groovin'

These past few days have been a lot of moving and playing for Sophia and a lot of studying for me.  Yup...stupid re-do of my exams from you-know-where are coming up in T-minus 10 days (eek!).  I'm finding it quite hard to study for this stupid thing, because 50% or more of my studying has zero impact on my for-real project.  So not fair!  So, I do what any good student would do: procrastinate.  Well, not really.  Sorta.  I have read sooooome papers.  And talked to committee members.  And edited my proposal.  But, I definitely have more reading and editing and reading and reading and reading to do.  Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot:  I should also read some papers.  Bah.  But, since I have an awesome kiddo, I can do some reading while she plays.  Ooooor, I can pretend to read and actually just watch her play, and read to her.  No, not my papers.  Her books.  Sheesh.
Hey, read this instead of that boring paper

Actually, books are for noms.  You read your papers instead.  They're bad for noms.

Sophia has also learned a HILARIOUS (to me, for now) new skill: the tongue-out raspberry.  I think the best use of this noise so far has been when I asked her if she wanted to go to Jordan, and she responded (completely by coincidence) with that noise.  I nearly died.  Disclaimer:  she really does love to see her daddy; she goes right to him when we get home.  But that was just too funny.


She is also getting better at remembering where her favorite, and sometimes forbidden, things are, and will see if she can sneak over there without me noticing.  She has yet to learn that not only am I a mom, but also a teacher.  That means I have 20/10 vision in the eyes in the back of my head, as well as night vision and infrared abilities, too.  Her current love is plastic.  The plastic bag type of plastic.  It makes a fun noise.  I'm cool with it making noise, no so cool with it going in her mouth and potentially blocking her airway.  I hear airways are important.

I know my wipes are back here somewhere.

Ah-ha!  Wipes! (in the white bag) (grainyness courtesy crappy zoom on phone camera)

There's more plastic back here, I can see it!


Soooo cloooose!

I've also started on her busy board (you're just gonna have to be patient and wait on the post).  Working on that is a very productive procrastinatory effort.  Yes, I just made up a word.

Here's the painters tape, mom!  I'll eat it for you.

On Friday, we had dinner with my mom-in-law for her 26th birthday for the....I'm not at liberty to tell you how many times she's been 26.  :o)  

Sophia was pushed by her cousin on a rolly-lion thing.  

She enjoyed it, as did cousin.

I've been leaving as soon as I'm done with my worms because a) it's generally time to go and b) to theoretically get more reading done at home.

Ready to go home?  I am!

You say I can drive?  Sweeeeet.

And, seriously, is this not the cutest sleepy face, ever?  I mean, other than your kids if you have them.  Maybe.  :o)

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