Thursday, February 14, 2013

Photo thought bubbles

Or, me paying careful attention during class.  I was able to decide on Sophia's Valentine's present, but it's not getting made until this weekend.  Yay for no time.  We were able to do arts-and-crafts with her to make Valentines for family, but seeing as I'll have to mail some of them, it may be, oh, July before people get them.  I am officially the world's worst mailer.  Just ask my big rower:  I still haven't managed to get her Christmas present in the mail.  I keep reminding myself (at 8pm) that I NEED to mail that.  And then promptly forget in the morning.  le sigh.  Please don't hate me?  Maybe I'll get it in the mail this weekend....if I post about it, that means it has to happen, right?

Investigating the bathroom drawers.  Washcloths will no longer suffice, she's going for hair products.

Hey, 'bout I use some of this anti-frizz stuff on my hair?

I was trying to sneak out of bed to find you but then I fell back asleep.

Why, yes, my eyes are green!

How nice!  You put a toy on my foot!  Let me fix that problem.

No joke: when I get Sophia in the car, she has her socks off before I have finished buckling her in.  She loves (pulling off and eating) socks.  Same with shoes.  But, my little-footed girl still can't fit her super cute 3-6 month size shoes.  Mind, she's 8.5 months old at this point.  She may be walking barefoot for a while until she can fit shoes designed for walkers.  

Funny new skills:  As mentioned, we take baths jointly.  Sophia has decided that bath time is now open bar time.  Unrelated, she can blow raspberries with her tongue out.  She and I were exchanging "Pthbbbs" while I was changing her the other day.  Quite the amusing.  :)

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