Saturday, March 2, 2013


Yup, I'm an official PhD candidate now.  I passed my oral exams, and "all" I have to do is research, research, research, write a paper or 4, research, dissertate, and then I can graduate.  I am glad I passed, because I don't like to feel stupid, but at the same time, it raises some questions.  As in, how much longer do I want to deal with a 4 hour daily commute?  Or, how much more of my non-understanding advisor can I take?  At the same time, not finishing would mean quitting, and that's one thing I don't do.  So, I guess I'm in for the long haul?

My study buddy

In other news, Sophia has officially transitioned over to the "big girl" side of the infant room.  *tear*  She'll have two of her classmates joining her soon, which will be nice, since she's currently the youngest in there by about 6 months.  But, she loves being able to crawl around and not be restricted.  They do a wonderful job there.  She is also rapidly expanding the amount of noises she makes: she can make the mama noise, though she doesn't quite yet exclusively associate it with me.  I've been informed that we are to work on "dada" and the "ta" sound, for some other people in the family.  :o)  She has also perfected the art of making noises to stay awake when I'm trying to get her to sleep.  You can't see anything on that video, but the noises are all her....and all from her mouth.  I promise. It has also been discovered that she likes puffs, but is not quite as big a fan of the yogurt drops.  She even willingly opens her mouth for one since she doesn't quite yet have the motor skills to put one in her own mouth.  She's getting there, though.

Giggle-worthy.  I think my favorite is #4.  Given that I drive daily in downtown Richmond, I may be lucky if that's all she learns....

And, while building the busy board, I decided that our floor would look much better green.  Don't you agree?  The hilarious part is that our husky is TERRIFIED of this green spot and will not walk on it when we let him outside.  Seeing as it's right in front of the door, it makes for some amusing antics on his part.

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