Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Daddies are awesome.  They play with you, let you climb all over them, do the "icky" chores, and pick up the slack when mommy is too busy studying to do anything else.  And, everybody knows daddies get the best toys and let you get away with things that mommy never would.  Jordan makes a pretty awesome daddy.  I'm lucky.  Of course, I have a pretty awesome daddy, too.

Daddy snuggles are the best.

Busy boards: for daddies and babies!

Hey, dad, gimme a boost.  I want in there!

I'd like these jammies tonight, please.

My daddy, Sophia's papa.  Dad, I promise her head won't fall off.  :o)

Hey.  Lemme see those things.  Why don't I have that many?

See?  Daddies have the best toys.

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