Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eating Habits

Sophia is at that wonderful age where the world is experienced via her taste buds.  Everything goes in her mouth.  And if it doesn't fit in her mouth, her mouth goes to it.  A funny development was some amazing raspberries she made on the side of the tub.  Not so amazing is her trying to eat dustbunnies.  I suppose I need to get better about sweeping...

Mascara....tub....mascara....tub....tough choice!

What do you mean mascara goes on your eyelashes?  It goes in your mouth, duh!

The dresser is one of her new favorite places.  She pulls out the drawers sequentially, from the bottom up, and has tried to climb them, not with much success.  Yet.  I tried to move her clothes to the back of the drawer so she wouldn't throw clean clothes all over the floor, but that only lasted, oh, 15 seconds.  She figured she could walk to the side of the drawer and reach everything.

Darling, the sippy cup works much better without the lid on...

Enjoying a piece of mommy's taquito. (hey, she said she wanted some!)

She has this new thing where if she doesn't want me taking something she has, she'll get it in her hand, and then proceed to spin herself around so that her back's to me.  It's hilarious to watch...she uses her feet and spins on her butt.  Hilarious, and scary that she's that smart.

Our thumb tastes pretty good, too!

Two favorite foods: strawberries and veggie sticks.  Yum!

We thank you for reading today's post, brought to you by the letter H.

Which is yummy tasting.

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