Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Impending walkage

Now that Sophia's 9 months old (officially been earth-side of the uterus for longer than she was inside), she's allowed to learn to walk.  And, for the second time, she did a very good job of following orders (the first was to not come until after my qualifying exams).  However, I get the feeling that the day will soon be coming where I will have a walker on my hands (or running from them), and I'm pretty sure I'm not mentally prepared for that yet.

Observe, the balancing-with-no-hands stand.  Also observe what is fondly referred to as "crinkle dollar," a favorite toy.

Standing while balancing has been mastered a while ago.  We have now figured out how to open drawers and doors and evacuate the contents.  Exhibit A above is her investigating clothes that she still needs to grow into.

Another exciting development is that I can finally put her in shoes!!  Which, is especially handy considering her impending walkage.  I'm cool with bare feet inside my house and on grass (she's a bit unsure about grass, still), but not so cool with bare feet in strange public places.  They're also semi-removable-proof, which is an added bonus.  Sophia says they make excellent teethers.  *sigh*  The problem is she still has mini-feet, so finding walking-appropriate shoes that fit her is still challenging.

Thanks for the teether, mom!  I won't lose this one!

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