Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In which Sophia outsmarts me. Yet again.

Isn't it a rule somewhere that your 9 month old (holy smokes!  9 months?!  Geeze.) is not allowed to be smarter than you are for at least a few more years?  I know I read that one in the owner's manual, or in mommy school or something.  First she swipes off the food I put on her spoon, now this:

Oh, you know, just playing in my toy basket.  Literally.


Why are the blocks in a bag?  Yes, the ones I'm touching.  Nothing else to see here.

You just....look over there.  I'm going to go investigate what you have clearly cordoned off.

Get that basket out of the way....perfect.  Now, the forbidden toys!

Hmmm....diapers, no.  Wipes in standard container, no.  Ah ha!  Wipes in a plastic-bag-esq container.

Oh, you see me.  No you don't.

I'm just going to bring these out here....


I love this toy.  Plastic sounds over soft noms.

Um, I can explain.  Really, I can.  See, it was.....the doll's fault!  Yeah.  She gave me these wipes and told me to put them in my mouth.  I promise.

Her extra diapers and wipes are stored in her closet.  She likes to play with the plastic (see above).  I don't approve of asphyxiation by plastic.  So, I made a "wall" using her toy baskets.  That has worked well for a while.  Until now, it seems.  *sigh*  Smart girl. (movie quote...can ya guess?!)

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