Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Day!!

We finally got a good snow!!  I kept hearing all these predictions: 6-8", 12-18", even up to 24".  And, after so many other "blizzards" this winter that were terrifying....drizzle storms, I didn't put much stock into us actually getting snow.  But we did!  Happy happy!!

This was around 6a.  Isn't it purty?

And, by around 9:30, we were almost up to 20"

The only bad part about all this amazing snow?  No power.  Boo.  But, I have an awesome dad-in-law who found a generator for us last summer when we lost power due to a rain/wind storm and didn't get it back for 3 or 4 days.  Very hot days.  Thank God for bonus family letting us crash at their place.  I swear, this man can find anything.  That, and he's got a horseshoe or twenty hidden somewhere, because he always wins raffles.  I digress.  Back to snow.

I was super excited to make snow cream, one of my favoritest things to do when it snows.  I have waited 2 years to make some, because that's how long it's been since our last decent snow.  I am never moving to where it doesn't snow.  For the uninitiated, snow cream is made by getting snow (nice, clean yellow or otherwise dirty snow) in a cup, or bowl if you're making lots, adding in milk until it gets slushy, add sugar (for a glass I generally add 2 tbsp sugar), and a bit of vanilla.  Yum!  As a side note, it doesn't freeze well, so eat it all at once.

Since it was cold, we layered everybody up.  Luckily, Sophia was tired, so we could snuggle in bed more than usual. 
She got new jammies that dad was itching to put on her

Hiding the secret identity of Super Baby!  (don't even start on the superman/wonderwoman thing...yes, I know superman is male, wonderwoman is female...these are clearly superman jammies, and Sophia is clearly a girl.  Ergo, super baby)

All layered up and playing with our cat that has the patience of a saint.  That, or he's just lazy.  Take your pick.

Our veeeeeeerrrry patient cat.  Who is willing to lay there and take a baby crawling all over him without freaking out, shredding her face/hands, or making any other sudden movements.  He can stay.

Jordan was awesome and shoveled out behind our cars, and even made a path to our cars so we (okay, I) could get to the car without getting our pants/shoes all snowy and cold and wet and icky.  I don't do cold and wet very well.  He won major points for that.

Once evening hit, we got little one (in three layers of jammies, socks on hands, and two blankets) into bed and lit some candles and pulled up the generator cord so we could have a hot meal.  Right as we got done microwaving everything, the power came back on, foiling our plans for a candle-lit dinner.  Have to admit, though, that we didn't mind too much.

Daycare had a delayed opening the next day, and they were very strict about the time people could come in, so Sophia and I had some time to kill.  So, I let her "drive."

Don't make me pull this car over!  Settle down back there! 

Okay, let's go.

Turning up the tunes...

Yay for snow days and yay for drivable roads the day after and yay for power!

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