Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trip to Indiana!

During spring break (well, mine...Jordan doesn't get one), we fiiiiinally made it out to Indiana to visit bonus sister the first before SHE COMES BACK HOME!!!!!  (no excitement there, if you couldn't tell)  We made the 10 hour drive in 9, mainly because we left at 8p so Sophia would sleep the whole way there, which she did like a champ.
Oh, good, we're here.  I was getting cramped in there!

On our way to the Bloomington science museum, we stopped by a deli place (way overpriced for just okay food) and found out that Sophia likes pickles.  No, I'm not joking.  I was eating mine (a personal favorite), and she let it be known that she would prettypleaselikethatpicklerightnow!  So, anticipating a funny face, I obliged.  I did not expect her to eat half of it!


The pickle won out over the usual favorite: bread

Bonus sister was busy during the day saving the world, one music therapy session at a time, so we got to hang around her house and relax.  Not a bad deal, other than missing bonus sister time.

Relaxing.  Yes, I'm really asleep. Photo credit: Jordan  

Sophia sleeping.  Her spare room is wonderful for picture much natural light comes in the window, and the blue of the bed is lovely!  (I took this proud!)
Sophia did a full kitchen inspection.

And we visited more local restaurants (well, one was a chain).  Bonus sister took us to an awesome brunch, after which me and her had girl time and Jordan and Sophia had bonding time.

Taking care of the talking box.  She gets quite confused when people are on speaker phone.  You can almost see her thinking "where the heck is that voice coming from??  I don't see anybody!"  

Playing with keys at brunch and sitting in her own chair!  That lasted for a while, then our food came and she wanted what was on my plate.  So, she had some toast.

Why, yes, bonus aunt, I would love to play with your wallet.  Let's see, where is that magic plastic.....

Going after dad's wallet already....a bit young, doncha think?  Jordan and I went on a date to Olive Garden (a favorite of ours) and split two lunches.  Sophia decided that the bread sticks were quite yummy, thank you, and had a death grip on hers.

The trip was wonderfully relaxing, the visiting was amazing, and it was great to not think about lab for so long.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so we headed home (into snow) at 8p again, putting Sophia to sleep in her car seat.

Saying goodbye to bonus brother.

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