Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One fish, two fish....three fish?

I have determined, after much research, that I am tired.  I can't really imagine why (ha!), but I am.  I'm tired of driving, I'm tired of hating where I "work", I'm tired of the crap that goes on at "work", and most of all, I'm tired of missing Sophia growing up.  People tell me that "it's okay, she won't remember."  But there's a problem with that statement.  Primarily, she won't remember, but neither will I.  And I am totally not cool with that.  So, at my semi-annual you're-not-doing-enough-how-dare-you-leave-early-you-should-be-here-38-hours-a-day-who-cares-about-your-family meeting with my boss, I proposed a switch in the times I work.  She wants me here more, I want more time with my family.  So, I'll be here more, just not daytime hours.  In exchange, she gives me daytime hours off.  She didn't like my whole plan, but was (surprisingly) willing to work with me, and I now have Fridays totally off in exchange for working Saturday overnight.  I'm super excited.  :)

Last Friday was my first one off, and let me just say how wonderful it was to spend all day with Sophia.

We had cinnamon sticks for breakfast (hers was icing-less)

And we played outside.

We read books....Sophia loves her books.

Come on, let's go!!

Sophia also has a fascination with trying to hold multiple things in one hand.  In particular, fish bath toys that we play with in her room (she already has a lot of bath toys in the bath).  She's really good at getting two in one hand, and can occasionally manage three.  She was trying to figure out the three-hold the other day:

Yellow fish, green fish, purple fish.

Aw, heck, we'll just stick the purple one in our mouth.

That way I can be mobile at the same time!

I figure this skill will come in handy when she's trying to make as few trips as possible in from the car.  Her other new skill upgrades include clapping, making the "indian noise" using her feet (that's a funny one to watch!), and shaking her head "no."  She doesn't understand what that means...she just likes the way her hair moves when she shakes her head.  She whips her hair back and forth.....

She is developing quite the personality, and it's wonderful to see what new things she learns every day, what she likes and doesn't like, and how she lets you know about it.  She's getting better with eating, but keeping me on my toes: sometimes she'll make a strawberry disappear in 20 seconds, other times she wants nothing to do with it.  I'm still working to get some fruits and veggies in her diet, which now is mostly consisting of puffs, breads, and other grain-based food.  Strawberries, when she decides she likes them, are definitely a favorite.  Apple slices are okay, too, as are cooked yellow and orange peppers.  Chicken and pulled pork are a definite yes.  Apple chunks, designed to be baby food, are not okay.  The baby food "pouches" are hit and miss still, and require adult assistance to avoid being a fashion accessory rather than a meal.  She'll get there eventually, and when she decides she's ready.  I can't say I'm too upset about her spoon-fed meal avoidance, though....makes my job easier!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tough Mudder

Jordan and I did a Tough Mudder this weekend (toughmudder.com if you're interested in what we did), and Sophia got to hang out with Nana and Poppop all day.  I can easily say that was the hardest challenge I've done, and the coldest I've been in a very, very long time, perhaps ever.  But, I loved being able to complete it with Jordan, and wouldn't have it any other way.  We did all 12 miles, and the majority of the obstacles (I did 20 of 22, Jordan did 16.5 of 22 on a sprained ankle....pretty darn impressive if you ask me).  I was proud of the obstacles I did complete, having conquered some fears, and next time I will hopefully not be as close to hypothermia and will be able to complete all the obstacles.


Post-race (yes, he has pants on, they're just covered up by the foil blanket thing)

We decided we needed at least one picture, but as these are post-race and we're freezing, the only thing we're thinking is "hurry up and take the )%#*#& picture so I can get out of my wet, muddy clothes and into the nice warm car."  We've got a few more fun races slated for this summer, and we'll be doing another Tough Mudder next year, for sure.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arts and crafts!

Sophia likes arts and crafts....she especially loves helping me with mine!  She is an expert yarn grabber, a very good paper-shaker, and is quite handy at eating pens.  But, she also gets to do her own crafts, both with me and at daycare.  How does a 10 month old do crafts, you say?  Why, with paint, of course!  And, perhaps, parental assistance.  Most of her arts and crafts thus far have consisted of feet-printing things.  Not only is is cool to look at, but it's also pretty neat to see her feet grow (what little they have).

We did a turkey for thanksgiving (thanks for the picture mom!).  Her foot was the body, and I drew in a beak and legs, and she "abstracted" the feathers....ie, I painted her hands and she waved them wildly over the paper.  I HIGHLY recommend a nakie baby for this one.

Snowflake for Christmas!  Michaels had these foam snowflakes that I thought would be perfect.  Bonus sister and I knocked a bunch of these out, and Sophia was very cooperative as well.

Valentines day (Thanks again for the picture mom)!  Put the heels of the feet together to get a heart shape (but not at the same time....print one, then the other).  I drew the heart just to make it a bit more obvious, but Sophia wrote the message.  Pretty good, huh?  ;)

And, our Easter craft: a pot!  This is just a spray painted terra cotta pot with feet prints.  To get the butterfly shape, I put the outsides of the feet together.  I also dipped her feet in the multicolor paint: pour paint on a plate, then dip.  

I have some toddler markers she can start using once she understands them, and of course more paint projects are coming.  But, she gets her art appreciation time, and family gets some refrigerator art.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sophia's style

Truthfully, the title should probably read "Sophia's wardrobe chosen by her aunties but in combinations imposed upon her by her mother."  Or something like that.  Alls I can say is we're really digging this spring weather, and the ability to wear less clothes.  And, occasionally, sleep in just our diaper because the room is too hot.

Going after mom's keys is a ritual.

The front of the outfit

Playing with bonus grammy while picking up clothes that our personal shopper awesome bonus sister picked out for us

The zebra print leggings were her favorite.

Headband!  And, modeling some yarn for a project.

Chewing on her car keys.  That's the only way I get mine back.

This was on a 90 degree day...a dress attached to a onesie, but not so long a skirt that it impedes crawling.  I'm quite the fan.  Again, after my keys.

The kiddo's lucky...she's got aunts with a sense of style, so when I put her in embarrassing outfits, she'll be able to fix them.  And, a new development on her part: she goes to sleep by herself!  She still fusses for, oh, 10 seconds when you leave the room, but then its sleep sleep time, making my evening about 30 minutes easier.  

Also in recent news, Jordan and I (and mom and seester) ran our first 10k!  We did the Monument Ave 10k, and there were bands and monuments and lots and lots and lots and lots of people.  Did I mention the people?  But, the race people were poo-heads and didn't allow strollers (even though I saw people with them!!!), so Sophia got to hang with my aunt and cousin.  I really had to twist their arm on that one.

She was suspicious of flowers.

And had deep talks with N.

More flower suspicion.

And skepticism about hair-dos.  

I think she had a good time!  And, my aunt was magic and got her to take a 2 hour morning nap!  I was super impressed.  Almost forgot to add:  these awesome pictures are courtesy aunt and cousin!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sick baby

We thought we were over the snots, but in came a fever.....boo.  So, Sophia became extra cuddly, and expected to take all naps on/with a parent, as well as any night-time sleep after she woke up.  I was totally down with that....Jordan was a little less sure.  Can't say I blame him, the man sleeps like a brick, but I'd say he did pretty darn good.

Sleeping with daddy.  Can ya tell they're related?!

Mommy, I want to sleep sideways.  The pillow won't do, your chest won't do, just your belly. kthanks

I am happy to report that we have been fever-free for going on 3 days, at least on her end, and she is back to her active, talkative, not-quite-as-clingy self.  :o)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Controlling the Curls

Sophia has ridiculously long hair for her age.  And, I'm not allowed to put anything in it for daycare, due to potential choking hazard (no, not even a rubber band...sigh).  I understand they're being careful, and I appreciate it, but darn it if it's not frustrating trying to control her hair and keep it out of her eyes/snot.  So, I've come up with a solution:

A french braid!

Side view

And, a bit closer up.

What, don't all 10 month olds have french braids??  Unfortunately, the no rubber band rule means it doesn't stay in for terribly long.  She may have her daddy's curls but she has my slick hair.  I'm thinking bubble gum....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The week in review

I would like to say that my phone just gave me a heart attack, and nearly met the wall at a very high velocity. When I went to go upload some of the pictures to Picassa to put in here, it said that my most recent ones were from mid-March. Um, phone?!!?  WTH!??  So, I did what any rational person would do, and checked the Gallery app.  Same thing.  Getting a bit panicky here....  One forced shut down later, a few cuss words, and my pictures are back and uploaded, and my pulse is returning to normal.  Oy.

Anyway, moving on from that...Sophia has had a bad case of the boogers these past few weeks, which means I got a bad case of the boogers.  But, not being 10 months old, I can't take extra naps.  Sad face.  I still maintain that I have the happiest sick baby ever, with the only clue you'd have she's sick (well, other than the snot all over her face) is that she needs extra cuddles, which I'm happy to provide.  However, this cuddling and snot-face leads to a little talked about phenomenon: crusted snot in places I never thought I'd have crusted snot.  Specifically, my boobs.  Because as well as extra cuddles, she tends to use me as a human pacifier (refuses the real things).  Again, this is cool and all, especially when Jordan is awesome and sleeps downstairs when I pull clingy baby into bed with me for ease of access and mommy sleeping.  But, the next morning...crusty snot.  Ew.

She likes to sleep on her own pillow now, thank you very much.

This hair is seriously out of control.  My goodness.

Sophia has also learned a new skill or two: holding two things in one hand and making the "la" sound.  Watching her get two things in one hand is hilarious, because you can see the concentration as she tries to figure out how to hold what is already in her hand, and then use her fingers to hold something else.  She's getting pretty good at it, though.

Working hard to get both fish in one hand...


This (somewhat blurry) example is a pig and a fish.  She's quite proud.

Another new trick she's started is "running" away with something she knows I'm going to take away, or beelining it to somewhere she's not supposed to be.  This, too, is quite funny to watch, though frustrating at times.  A good example is my thing of hair ties.  It's in the second drawer up in the bathroom, and she knows it.  She will ever so carefully pull out the first drawer, pull up, and pull out the second drawer.  Go fishing....ah ha!  Hair ties.  Sometimes she'll go fishing a second time for something else fun, then plop down, giggle, and crawl as fast as she can out of the bathroom and down the hall.  

Girl's got her priorities straight...hairties and shoes.  Her aunties will be so proud!

This past Thursday and Friday I took part in a consignment sale as a vendor for the first time ever, trying to sell some of the hats I make.  It was a lot of fun, and an incredible learning experience.  One day I'd like to do some more shows and such, but that'll take time.

My table!

Of course, Sophia had to help!  She's holding her shoes, leaning on my box, and crawling around on her knees.  She was a pretty big hit.  :o)

Then, to cap off the week, I did a 5k Saturday morning!  It was to support Autism, and I joined the team of a friend.  Sophia "ran" with me, and helped me break in the nifty stroller a pretty cool family member got us.  It was my first race in a while that mom didn't run with me, so I missed my usual running buddy.  But, I still accomplished my goal of running the whole time, and was quite pleased to see I had dropped almost 10 minutes from my time back in November.  Not too shabby.  And, to top it off, Sophia was a champ and slept the whole time, and didn't even fuss before falling asleep.  Jordan and I will be racing the next two weekends, and mom will be racing, too, next weekend!  We'll be doing a 10k, which is a first for all of us, so it should be interesting.  Strollers aren't allowed (buttfaces), so my mini-running buddy will be at home for that one.

Me and my running buddy, post race!