Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arts and crafts!

Sophia likes arts and crafts....she especially loves helping me with mine!  She is an expert yarn grabber, a very good paper-shaker, and is quite handy at eating pens.  But, she also gets to do her own crafts, both with me and at daycare.  How does a 10 month old do crafts, you say?  Why, with paint, of course!  And, perhaps, parental assistance.  Most of her arts and crafts thus far have consisted of feet-printing things.  Not only is is cool to look at, but it's also pretty neat to see her feet grow (what little they have).

We did a turkey for thanksgiving (thanks for the picture mom!).  Her foot was the body, and I drew in a beak and legs, and she "abstracted" the, I painted her hands and she waved them wildly over the paper.  I HIGHLY recommend a nakie baby for this one.

Snowflake for Christmas!  Michaels had these foam snowflakes that I thought would be perfect.  Bonus sister and I knocked a bunch of these out, and Sophia was very cooperative as well.

Valentines day (Thanks again for the picture mom)!  Put the heels of the feet together to get a heart shape (but not at the same time....print one, then the other).  I drew the heart just to make it a bit more obvious, but Sophia wrote the message.  Pretty good, huh?  ;)

And, our Easter craft: a pot!  This is just a spray painted terra cotta pot with feet prints.  To get the butterfly shape, I put the outsides of the feet together.  I also dipped her feet in the multicolor paint: pour paint on a plate, then dip.  

I have some toddler markers she can start using once she understands them, and of course more paint projects are coming.  But, she gets her art appreciation time, and family gets some refrigerator art.

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