Sunday, April 7, 2013

Controlling the Curls

Sophia has ridiculously long hair for her age.  And, I'm not allowed to put anything in it for daycare, due to potential choking hazard (no, not even a rubber band...sigh).  I understand they're being careful, and I appreciate it, but darn it if it's not frustrating trying to control her hair and keep it out of her eyes/snot.  So, I've come up with a solution:

A french braid!

Side view

And, a bit closer up.

What, don't all 10 month olds have french braids??  Unfortunately, the no rubber band rule means it doesn't stay in for terribly long.  She may have her daddy's curls but she has my slick hair.  I'm thinking bubble gum....


  1. oh my! her hair is long! But how precious are those sweet curls, I'm glad it's long so we can see them. The no rubber band thing wouldn't fly around here I don't know what we'd do... crazy. (By the way: do the day care workers wear hair ties? earrings? jewelry with stones? What if THEIR small items fall off? Aren't they choking hazards? I can say I've honestly lost and earring and had no clue...)

    1. Well, they say the babies pull out their own ties (not Sophia) or other babies will help them pull the ties out. And, they do wear earrings/jewelry, but that is evidently safe. I know what you mean about losing an earring. I won't know until way later. I figure if that's my only beef with daycare so far, they're doing pretty good.