Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One fish, two fish....three fish?

I have determined, after much research, that I am tired.  I can't really imagine why (ha!), but I am.  I'm tired of driving, I'm tired of hating where I "work", I'm tired of the crap that goes on at "work", and most of all, I'm tired of missing Sophia growing up.  People tell me that "it's okay, she won't remember."  But there's a problem with that statement.  Primarily, she won't remember, but neither will I.  And I am totally not cool with that.  So, at my semi-annual you're-not-doing-enough-how-dare-you-leave-early-you-should-be-here-38-hours-a-day-who-cares-about-your-family meeting with my boss, I proposed a switch in the times I work.  She wants me here more, I want more time with my family.  So, I'll be here more, just not daytime hours.  In exchange, she gives me daytime hours off.  She didn't like my whole plan, but was (surprisingly) willing to work with me, and I now have Fridays totally off in exchange for working Saturday overnight.  I'm super excited.  :)

Last Friday was my first one off, and let me just say how wonderful it was to spend all day with Sophia.

We had cinnamon sticks for breakfast (hers was icing-less)

And we played outside.

We read books....Sophia loves her books.

Come on, let's go!!

Sophia also has a fascination with trying to hold multiple things in one hand.  In particular, fish bath toys that we play with in her room (she already has a lot of bath toys in the bath).  She's really good at getting two in one hand, and can occasionally manage three.  She was trying to figure out the three-hold the other day:

Yellow fish, green fish, purple fish.

Aw, heck, we'll just stick the purple one in our mouth.

That way I can be mobile at the same time!

I figure this skill will come in handy when she's trying to make as few trips as possible in from the car.  Her other new skill upgrades include clapping, making the "indian noise" using her feet (that's a funny one to watch!), and shaking her head "no."  She doesn't understand what that means...she just likes the way her hair moves when she shakes her head.  She whips her hair back and forth.....

She is developing quite the personality, and it's wonderful to see what new things she learns every day, what she likes and doesn't like, and how she lets you know about it.  She's getting better with eating, but keeping me on my toes: sometimes she'll make a strawberry disappear in 20 seconds, other times she wants nothing to do with it.  I'm still working to get some fruits and veggies in her diet, which now is mostly consisting of puffs, breads, and other grain-based food.  Strawberries, when she decides she likes them, are definitely a favorite.  Apple slices are okay, too, as are cooked yellow and orange peppers.  Chicken and pulled pork are a definite yes.  Apple chunks, designed to be baby food, are not okay.  The baby food "pouches" are hit and miss still, and require adult assistance to avoid being a fashion accessory rather than a meal.  She'll get there eventually, and when she decides she's ready.  I can't say I'm too upset about her spoon-fed meal avoidance, though....makes my job easier!

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