Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sophia's style

Truthfully, the title should probably read "Sophia's wardrobe chosen by her aunties but in combinations imposed upon her by her mother."  Or something like that.  Alls I can say is we're really digging this spring weather, and the ability to wear less clothes.  And, occasionally, sleep in just our diaper because the room is too hot.

Going after mom's keys is a ritual.

The front of the outfit

Playing with bonus grammy while picking up clothes that our personal shopper awesome bonus sister picked out for us

The zebra print leggings were her favorite.

Headband!  And, modeling some yarn for a project.

Chewing on her car keys.  That's the only way I get mine back.

This was on a 90 degree day...a dress attached to a onesie, but not so long a skirt that it impedes crawling.  I'm quite the fan.  Again, after my keys.

The kiddo's lucky...she's got aunts with a sense of style, so when I put her in embarrassing outfits, she'll be able to fix them.  And, a new development on her part: she goes to sleep by herself!  She still fusses for, oh, 10 seconds when you leave the room, but then its sleep sleep time, making my evening about 30 minutes easier.  

Also in recent news, Jordan and I (and mom and seester) ran our first 10k!  We did the Monument Ave 10k, and there were bands and monuments and lots and lots and lots and lots of people.  Did I mention the people?  But, the race people were poo-heads and didn't allow strollers (even though I saw people with them!!!), so Sophia got to hang with my aunt and cousin.  I really had to twist their arm on that one.

She was suspicious of flowers.

And had deep talks with N.

More flower suspicion.

And skepticism about hair-dos.  

I think she had a good time!  And, my aunt was magic and got her to take a 2 hour morning nap!  I was super impressed.  Almost forgot to add:  these awesome pictures are courtesy aunt and cousin!

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