Saturday, April 6, 2013

The week in review

I would like to say that my phone just gave me a heart attack, and nearly met the wall at a very high velocity. When I went to go upload some of the pictures to Picassa to put in here, it said that my most recent ones were from mid-March. Um, phone?!!?  WTH!??  So, I did what any rational person would do, and checked the Gallery app.  Same thing.  Getting a bit panicky here....  One forced shut down later, a few cuss words, and my pictures are back and uploaded, and my pulse is returning to normal.  Oy.

Anyway, moving on from that...Sophia has had a bad case of the boogers these past few weeks, which means I got a bad case of the boogers.  But, not being 10 months old, I can't take extra naps.  Sad face.  I still maintain that I have the happiest sick baby ever, with the only clue you'd have she's sick (well, other than the snot all over her face) is that she needs extra cuddles, which I'm happy to provide.  However, this cuddling and snot-face leads to a little talked about phenomenon: crusted snot in places I never thought I'd have crusted snot.  Specifically, my boobs.  Because as well as extra cuddles, she tends to use me as a human pacifier (refuses the real things).  Again, this is cool and all, especially when Jordan is awesome and sleeps downstairs when I pull clingy baby into bed with me for ease of access and mommy sleeping.  But, the next morning...crusty snot.  Ew.

She likes to sleep on her own pillow now, thank you very much.

This hair is seriously out of control.  My goodness.

Sophia has also learned a new skill or two: holding two things in one hand and making the "la" sound.  Watching her get two things in one hand is hilarious, because you can see the concentration as she tries to figure out how to hold what is already in her hand, and then use her fingers to hold something else.  She's getting pretty good at it, though.

Working hard to get both fish in one hand...


This (somewhat blurry) example is a pig and a fish.  She's quite proud.

Another new trick she's started is "running" away with something she knows I'm going to take away, or beelining it to somewhere she's not supposed to be.  This, too, is quite funny to watch, though frustrating at times.  A good example is my thing of hair ties.  It's in the second drawer up in the bathroom, and she knows it.  She will ever so carefully pull out the first drawer, pull up, and pull out the second drawer.  Go fishing....ah ha!  Hair ties.  Sometimes she'll go fishing a second time for something else fun, then plop down, giggle, and crawl as fast as she can out of the bathroom and down the hall.  

Girl's got her priorities straight...hairties and shoes.  Her aunties will be so proud!

This past Thursday and Friday I took part in a consignment sale as a vendor for the first time ever, trying to sell some of the hats I make.  It was a lot of fun, and an incredible learning experience.  One day I'd like to do some more shows and such, but that'll take time.

My table!

Of course, Sophia had to help!  She's holding her shoes, leaning on my box, and crawling around on her knees.  She was a pretty big hit.  :o)

Then, to cap off the week, I did a 5k Saturday morning!  It was to support Autism, and I joined the team of a friend.  Sophia "ran" with me, and helped me break in the nifty stroller a pretty cool family member got us.  It was my first race in a while that mom didn't run with me, so I missed my usual running buddy.  But, I still accomplished my goal of running the whole time, and was quite pleased to see I had dropped almost 10 minutes from my time back in November.  Not too shabby.  And, to top it off, Sophia was a champ and slept the whole time, and didn't even fuss before falling asleep.  Jordan and I will be racing the next two weekends, and mom will be racing, too, next weekend!  We'll be doing a 10k, which is a first for all of us, so it should be interesting.  Strollers aren't allowed (buttfaces), so my mini-running buddy will be at home for that one.

Me and my running buddy, post race!

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