Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bonus grammy's birthday!

This weekend we celebrated bonus Grammy's birthday (she was turning 28), and got to see bonus sister the second and her absolutely adorable little man!  Sophia loves it there, since they have a huge wide open floor that she can crawl around and chase the dogs to her heart's content.  Bonus Grammy also has a few baby toys stashed for visits from babies, one of which is a walk-behind thinger.  That is the BEST in Sophia's opinion.  She was walking laps for quite some time.  Steering, though, is still a work in progress, and she would get quite annoyed when she ran into the couch, post, chair, etc.  With all the running she's able to do, and the fact that we had time for a visit (!) meant that she got tired at some point.  But, never fear!  There were pillows and a blanket available for use.

Zonked on the pillows.  And, proof she sleeps just like I do: arm under the head, other hand tucked up under the shoulder.  Check.  She may look like a little Jordan in a skirt, but she has some of me in there somewhere.

Daphnie cat checking her out.  She wasn't too sure about this interloper.  

That's as close as she'd get.  Quite funny.

Look at the handsome little man!!  Those cheeks!  So adorable.  He's allowed to date Sophia when she's 30 (as in years) if he wants.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A girl and her car

Sophia loves her climb in/out/over it, walk around it, push it, and just sit in it.  One of the best things for her is that she can open and shut and open and shut and open and shut (and you get the idea) the door.  Being able to walk around the outside is pretty cool, also.
Checking the fluid levels


Getting in the hard way

Oh, hey, there's a door!

This does make things easier.

Hanging out in the car.


Our supervisor hard at work.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


My last three posts have had very alliterative titles.  Bonus points if you know what that means.  :)

Shadow family.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sundresses on little girls (or, heck, your little guy if that's what he likes) are quite possibly the cutest thing ever.  I love that I was able to find two that weren't pink!  Sophia likes them because they do not impede her crawling adventures, and I love them because they're friggin' adorable.

I mean, seriously.  How cute?

We're liking this outside stuff.  

Clapping.  And making sure I didn't magically disappear in the 2.5 seconds she had looked away.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I have instituted a Saturday pool morning with Sophia, to keep her loving water and to meet a friend of mine at the pool.  So far, Sophia loves it!

We're still a bit unsure the first few minutes in the pool. 

Pool toys make exploring easier.


Playing with the toys.  A turtle in one hand, fish in the other.

Proving that it's hard to look graceful while trying to climb out of the pool on the side.  


And, some stair-climbing.... 

Baby pool was closed that day, but she still had fun playing on the fence. 

Daddy came with us this time!

Practicing that kick!



My friends oldest girl turned three this weekend, but we weren't going to be able to make her birthday party due to a wedding (yay wedding!!).  But, on our Friday playday we stopped by to drop off a gift and it turned into a mom-visit and kid-play date.  Very fun!

Play time in the morning, before running errands.  Tasting the letter A...

And putting it in the barn.  Where it clearly belongs.  Her newest thing is to put things in the barn, shut the door, open the door, and take them back out.  

On to shop!  My shopping helper helping me push the cart.  

My friend's daughter was turning 3, so had Sophia out-classed, but I know Sophia had a blast playing with new toys, exploring new areas, and having someone closer to her size to play with.  

Post-good-picture topple.  I love how she's already focused on the soccer ball.  Now to work on proper hand placement to catch the ball....

Hanging out.  Good thing her skirt had shorts underneath!

This was her approximately 30 seconds after we left.  I'd say she had fun!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Family Walks

When the weather's nice (ie, not pouring cats and dogs), we go for a walk around the cul-de-sac down the street.  And Sophia walks too, until she gets too tired.  Or too distracted by the dogs.  She has a thing for dogs, and will "bark" whenever she sees one.  She can almost run while holding on to fingers, but figures she can crawl faster than walking on her own.

Heading off.

Jordan dressed her....can you tell?  

Break from walking....spotted a dog!


Bottomless pit

Seriously, Sophia is a bottomless pit lately.  Growing is hard work!  (yes, another before/after food post....sorry.  Last one for a while)  But, her food horizons are growing, which is pretty sweet.

Before shot of her tray (chicken and cheese, mostly.  A few puffs)

After shot.  And, this was only first dinner.  Second dinner was 15 minutes later.  Sheesh, kiddo!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting big

I am convinced that at some point, elves have taken my baby and replaced her with someone who looks like a little girl!!   I mean, seriously.  I do not remember giving her permission to grow up this fast!  Thank goodness for Fridays.  I mean, next month she'll be in kindergarden at the pace she's going.

Oh, you know, selecting a book while sitting in the wipes box.  The very wipes box mom put in front of my bookshelf so I could not take every last book off my bookshelf and throw them around the room.  Silly mom for thinking a measly box would prevent me from getting my books.  Psshht.

Hmm, not Whinnie the Pooh....let's get another one.

Playing at the park after reserving the shelter for her birthday (birthday?!  eek!!)

Lunch date with mom at a favorite restaurant (A&Ts....yum!).  Menu included chicken and a whole yucca!

Yes, I went to costco two weeks in a row.  I had coupons that I had to use!  But, this picture is for my aunt: the awesome onesie is courtesy of her, and it went swimmingly with the flower pants, which are a favorite of said aunt.  If I can find fabric like that, I'll be making her a pair.  

Snack time.  We must inspect the puff.

This face.  I have no words.

Much to Jordan's relief, Sophia can now say dada, though we're still working on association.  She also says baba (associated with bye-bye) and waves, kisses at you, and deviously goes after glasses on faces.  You just think she wants to snuggle until....BAM!  Glasses are gone and she's giggling.  Quite the fun game to play, unless you're blind without your glasses.  Then I suppose it's not quite as fun.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mother's day

Okay, I know it's late, but happy mother's day to all the moms out there nonetheless.  I had a wonderfully relaxing day (slept in until 8!!), and got to see my awesome big rower and her husband, too.  

Happy mother's day nana!

On Saturday, Jordan and I did a Foam Fest 5k run.  Very different than the Tough Mudder in terms of intensity, length, temperature, and participant attitude, but very fun.  A good half of the obstacles were "bubble-d": a giant slip'n'slide full of bubbles, a moon bounce filled with bubbles, a moon bounce with intentional holes filled with get the idea.  While we ran, one of my friends from lab watched Sophia for us.  This friend is about as polar opposite from me as you can get, yet we get along wonderfully.  She's not in lab anymore, and I do miss her quite a bit.  But she visits, which is awesome. When we picked Sophia back up, something was not quite right.....

Her toenails.  They're PINK!!!!  Adorable, though.

Sunday I did have to go to lab (my favoritest place in the whole wide world), but left Sophia sleeping at my aunt's house where she kindly kept an ear out for any rustling.  It's easier to transfer my worms without a baby who wants to "help" on my back.  My bed there is a mattress on the floor (convenience at first, and now an it's-okay-if-Sophia-decides-to-leave-the-bed measure), and she has learned how to safely navigate up and down and up and down get the idea.  Honestly, I think this is one reason she's so good with steps now: she got early practice on a soft "step".  Anyway, I set her on the bed the next morning while I got ready, and she decided she wanted her keys that were on the other side of the room.  So, she crawled off the bed, got her keys, and crawled right back up on the bed to play with them.  I was quite amused.

Of course she investigated the bathtub.

And tried to tell me she wanted a bath.  "If I get in here, that means bath time, right?"

She also likes to play with ice.  In cups.  Which can make drinking out of said cup difficult at times.

A behind-the-back ice grab.  Kid's got skillz.  :)