Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bonus grammy's birthday!

This weekend we celebrated bonus Grammy's birthday (she was turning 28), and got to see bonus sister the second and her absolutely adorable little man!  Sophia loves it there, since they have a huge wide open floor that she can crawl around and chase the dogs to her heart's content.  Bonus Grammy also has a few baby toys stashed for visits from babies, one of which is a walk-behind thinger.  That is the BEST in Sophia's opinion.  She was walking laps for quite some time.  Steering, though, is still a work in progress, and she would get quite annoyed when she ran into the couch, post, chair, etc.  With all the running she's able to do, and the fact that we had time for a visit (!) meant that she got tired at some point.  But, never fear!  There were pillows and a blanket available for use.

Zonked on the pillows.  And, proof she sleeps just like I do: arm under the head, other hand tucked up under the shoulder.  Check.  She may look like a little Jordan in a skirt, but she has some of me in there somewhere.

Daphnie cat checking her out.  She wasn't too sure about this interloper.  

That's as close as she'd get.  Quite funny.

Look at the handsome little man!!  Those cheeks!  So adorable.  He's allowed to date Sophia when she's 30 (as in years) if he wants.  

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